Vision – What Do You Have Your Sights On?

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Vision – What are we actually talking about when we discuss the word vision?  When it is put into context with your business or your life, it seems to take on a purpose all it own.

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson both had a vision for what direction they wanted the United States to head in, during the early years of independence.  Even though they both wanted many things in common for the US, they each had a different way in getting there.

Their views were thought of as the beginning of the Democratic and Republican Parties.  In other words, they both has a vision for the country as to where they wanted to be in the years ahead but had different views on how to get there.

Susan Ward, who writes for small business, Canada, suggests that a vision statement is: “called a picture of your company in the future but it is so  much more than that.  Your vision statement is your inspiration, the framework for all your strategic planning.”

She also suggests why it is important, when you are crafting a vision statement to let your imagination go and dare to dream. That it is important that your vision captures your passion.

Bill Gates’ vision for Microsoft, in the beginning, was to have a computer in everyone’s home not necessarily the steps on how to get there.

Ward also suggests that your vision is your ticket to success.  It is a picture or photograph of what your company’s future really is.  It provides the inspiration for your daily operations as well as your long term strategic decisions.

There is a need to distill your vision into a practical, viable form. You will need to understand that you have to put into a written form, the essential ingredients that allows you to keep your vision alive.  When you refer to your vision statement, you need to keep it alive and even tweak it once in a while to keep it fresh.

The vision statement is what provides the destination for your journey and without any destination in mind, how can you know where you are going?

Now many of you might say your are going to get to it – plan your vision statement but in reality, you probably will just continue to put it off.  If you don’t know where you are going, then how do you know when you get there?

David Wood, one of the co-founders of Empower Network, has stated right at the beginning of your start in Empower Network, that if you need to set your intentions to know where you are going.   He suggests that there are two goals that need to be followed:  1) set a clear intention for your outcome and 2) take action even before you know what you are completely doing.  David Wood  felt that you needed a clear intention and to take massive action  as you go along.

Two thoughts that need to be addressed in the beginning of any pursuit in business: You need to plan and you need to have a vision.  Most businesses fail due to a lack of a plan, both goals and visions.

What is the difference between a goal and a vision?                 Visions are inherently more abstract, while setting business goals is more absolute. For example, you can set a goal of reaching a certain financial remuneration by January 1 but it is the attitude and the feeling in which you feel the importance of reaching that goal that vision comes in to play.  One is abstract and the other is absolute.

Write down your vision of where you want to be and also write down your goals as to exactly where you want to be. Don’t plan to fail just because you failed to write down these two very important plans.

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!


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Mentoring – A Major Stepping Stone…..





We have all been told that one of the major understandings and processes that you need to be successful within the internet marketing arena, is the need to have a mentor.


Does this mean that you have to have a mentor before you do anything else in your marketing quest?, not at all.  It just means that having a mentor can help you and keep you on a path of consistence, constructive approaches to your business.


Is it necessary to have only one mentor or can you conceive of having more than one mentor or many mentors?

This is a tricky question, as you can learn from many different people who have had success but most importantly, it is best to have a mentor that you can relate to and understand their approaches to being successful.

Does this mean that I should only listen to one mentor and turn off all the others that continually make a convincing argument that he or she might be the best one to follow.


I think the only one that needs to make that decision, is yourself. You and only you can make that decision as to whom might be the best mentor to follow.  Do you like the way they present things to you and do they push you to understand and know things that will take some effort without giving you all the answers?

I like a mentor that will help you through a process, but will be constructively critical (for your own good) and then let you down easily so you can learn in that environment.  To me, that is a sign of a good but caring mentor who has the results in mind without stepping heavily on your feet and completely turn you off.

I truly feel that the best mentor is one who can teach you the process, give you directions but will let you figure out most of the ideas that are necessary to accomplish your goals.  There is usually no set process that every individual has to or needs to go through but there is a process that each mentor might set up for each individual to master as an individual.


Because the internet allows us the ability to communicate through many different mechanisms, it makes it that much easier to see and hear from your mentor.  He or she can continue to communicate with you individually as well as with a group.  How many times do you watch a leader on a webinar that you feel is talking directly to you?  This is the magic of the internet.

This really leads me to an individual that I do not relate to on a regular basis but when I do, he captures my attention to its fullest.  He is not my personal mentor nor have I even asked him to be a mentor other than through his excellent process of communication.

Mark Hoverson is one of those amazing internet phenoms that always seems to know and understand the process of where I am and what I needed to know at just that moment that he decided to transfer some of his knowledge to me.

Mark has that ability to communicate in such a language that it is unduly refreshing.  An example is: he is going to unpack some of his knowledge to make a stopover so our brains can take it in.

Seven year ago he and his wife qualified for food stamps (of which they did not take) while living in a trailer and today, he is a ten figure earner in this amazing profession of internet marketing.

I will share only one area of his expertise mainly due to space and time, not because they are not interesting.

He speaks of his own approach to “speed reading” and classifies it as a way to learn the content of a page or a book without reading the book word by word.





He would psych himself up when picking up a book so he would emotional invest himself in the book and get as much out of it as he could.  He would not read the book cover to cover or word for word as he felt that you could look at the page of a book and comprehend it by scanning it.  He also said that it took him time to implement this type of reading so don’t put yourself in a position to wonder why can he and not I.

He has books all over the house, the bathroom, the living room , the kitchen, the bedroom and would pick one up and scan it again or for the first time and then what he would do: APPLY HIS KNOWLEDGE!!

Mark felt that he got his knowledge from that book, for now, as he could go back in the future and re-look the book over and get some more knowledge and apply it.

Mark related the knowledge from a book as like fresh fruit.  If you don’t apply the knowledge that you just learned, it is a lot like the fruit, it will spoil.   He will immediately implement what he has learned, that is put it into action right away.

He felt that early on in his career of internet marketing, that he never felt like he could be paid for his knowledge but that he should just ethically share the knowledge.  That is when his knowledge and uptake of information from Solomon began to take some form because he felt that King Solomon was always given gifts for his immense knowledge.  If he could do it, it was certainly within his ethical reasoning to also be paid for his knowledge.

These are just some of the many ideas and thoughts that continually come out of Mark’s mouth and his pen.  He is an unusual individual with a very interesting approach to all walks of his life and his ability to communicate his thoughts is overpowering.

Check him out sometime, all you have to do is Google him and his name will appear – Mark Hoverson.  Is he my mentor? – only by proxy but I will continue to follow him.

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

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Succeed In Life……………

Key To Success



Succeed in life!!  Quite obviously a larger than life statement.  This is not meant to be a thinking outside the box situation but rather to have you think about what it is that you need to think about when you are attempting to understand your roll in your own life situation.


Why do so many people utterly fail in life.  We can blame the schools, our family our surrounds or even our plight of where we might have been born and raised.


I am not trying in this short post to define, explain and possibly solve the problems of the world, as this would surely be outside of my scope or even my abilities and I am sure this would be outside of most anyone’s single scope or undertaking.  Rather I am trying to have a quick look at what might be a short insight into some of our own thoughts and ideas.


We have, in the free world,  some of the best institutions of higher learning in the world, yet there seems to be a lacking in our education and it relationship to the workplaces.  In other words, people are not able to implement what they have learned and apply it to the workplace.


The problem seems to be a difficulty in people learning to relate to each other and then take this a step further and learn to get excited about a project and work at it until it is done or completed.


How do we relate to each other?  Are we more concerned about what we can do for ourselves rather then what we can do for our neighbors (and this means far more than the scope of your immediate neighbors in your neighborhood).


It is quite evident, in many cases, that we don’t get along world wide, we don’t agree with many things and it seems we only care what is in it for us,  in many countries throughout the world, rather than looking at the world as a whole.


The problem seems to be that we were never really taught in school or in family settings what we needed to do or needed to be to get along with other people.  Just look at the confrontations throughout the world right at this very moment.

We don’t understand people and we don’t take the time to try to understand these people, so we go about things in a very protective manner.

The question might be asked, how can we start to get along throughout the world?  How can we work towards a harmony that could exist?  Many people feel that this will never happen, that it is far too much outside the scope of our thought process to have it even begin.  Also might this be too idealistic to even begin?

Whoever thought that we would have more memory on our cell phones than we had on our first computers or that our mobile devices will outsell our computers and have more memory?  But I also realize that human interaction and human relationships might have the ability to proceed in a good manner, if we can perceive it. A different league, possibly, but it shouldn’t be outside of our thought processes if we ever hope to attain it.

It is not my intention to even try to answer these questions but rather to bring it to the table for some discussions, some thoughts and ideas that might penetrate our minds to come up with some pertinent solutions, if there are any.



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Surrender To The Purpose……







When we speak of our purpose,  we need to think about the values we place on our own self worth.  Do you find yourself being less than complimentary to yourself, always finding something wrong with your hair, your wardrobe, your skin or even the fact that your socks don’t really match.


Our self-image is at stake and what is necessary to help correct this aspect of how we look at ourselves is important. You have to become extremely truthful with yourself in the evaluation of your own worth.  Is your integrity at the best it can and should be?


Many times the problem lies in how we treat other people and also how we treat ourselves. Do you follow through with assignments, with a promise to a friend that you will do something to help them.  And in turn, do you follow through with a promise to yourself that you will get a certain project done that was due at a certain time.


These are areas that we might need to improve on and the biggest factor is being honest with your colleagues and most importantly is being honest with yourself.  We should be honest in our dealings at all levels – and this is a very important thought because it is too easy to slough this off as not important.


“How we do one thing is usually how we do all things”.  The consistency of how we undertake a certain project will carry over into other areas of our lives.


You also have to be aware, include and accept any detours that will occur in your life.  These detours are the necessary part of your growth process and are usually placed there so that the lessons that you need to learn are learned.


You need to set goals because the human mind is setup in such a way that unless you are given a clearly defined objective, the mind will wander aimlessly. When you surrender to your objective or surrender to your purpose, you then don’t encounter the obstacles with a sense of resistance and upset.


Challenges and obstacles make you feel uncomfortable and lacking in congruency.  This is when you have to understand that you are not a failure but that the occurrence failed.  This process is one that can and will get you out of your comfort zone but one in which you have grown.   But because you have surrendered to your objective or your purpose, you are no longer resisting rejection.


This type of process is one that can be involved in many areas of your life, not just one or two.   It is also the process that allows you to grow exponentially in each of the processes that you might be involved with because you have surrendered to the purpose.


Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

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Entrepreneurship – The Basics of Success






John Steele Gordon, in an article he wrote for a college alumni magazine, stated that the future of entrepreneurship in the USA, which is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world, remains bright.

One of his fears is that the overbearing government, bent on managing the American Economy – supposedly for the good of all, but actually for the benefit of the bureaucrats and politicians – will strangle the goose that has laid so many golden eggs.

This is always going to be a danger as government is as subjective to the law of self-interest as the marketplace. He goes on to say that the process of creative destruction is far less vigorous in government, which just happens to be a monopoly by its nature.

If the future of entrepreneurship is bright in many of the free countries around the world, why doesn’t everyone get involved with such a plan?

Even with many rules and regulations, the ability to start a company or a program is unlimited to those who are willing to realize that it will take a vision and a dedication of work to get this whole process in motion.

If one has the spirit of independence and the gumption to undertake a process of work and a “sticktoitifness” attitude, there is nothing that can stand in your way.

Will there be bumps in the road and obstacles that just might have to be understood and maneuvered around, through, over and under?  Sure there will be but it is how you, as an individual, undertake the whole process and maneuver the process.

It take so little as far as money to begin but that doesn’t seem to be as big an issue as the one major obstacle that seems to get in your way.  Do you have the strength of VISION to form a goal that is unstoppable.  Unstoppable to the point of never giving up until you have reached your goal.

Tim Erway states: “There is no other business opportunity in the world that offers you the kind of compensation, the kind of training and the leverage that network marketing does in an inexpensive turnkey manner”.

What is it that keeps most people from realizing and then utilizing this amazing path, one that overcomes any obstacles, and has a clear intention for its outcome?

David Wood suggests that you have a clear intention and then take massive action and you correct this as you go along.  He also suggest that: “the only reason anyone ever experiences burn out is because of a lack of clarity in the vision of their outcome?

Napoleon Hill, on his thorough evaluation of what made Andrew Carnegie so very successful in his business of The US Steel Corporation, reduced it to a simple formula of Desire, Faith and Action.  Now obviously there is more to this formula that just this simple formula but you in essence get the point of the major ideas behind the formula.

It takes very little money to begin your quest to success but it will take some time, effort and learning of the processes and procuring the knowledge that will allow you the luxury of participating in the successes that the internet allows you.

Napoleon Hill did state that: “Whatever the Mind of Man can Conceive and Believe, It can Achieve”.  Read this over and over until you literally understand the strength of this statement.  It has produced more successes in American Business than probably any other proposed ideas that have been put forth.

WHY?  Because it gets at the root of what makes us tick as human beings.  Freedom to make choices, freedom to make mistakes and recover from them, freedom to answer more heavily to yourself then to a boss – entrepreneurship at its best.

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!



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Online Marketing – Part Timer…..





I was able to watch a video in which Bert Bledsoe, on his morning wake up show, had interviewed another online marketer, Bob Clarke.

Bob Clarke is a part time marketer on the internet because he has a full time job as a reproductive expert in the field of helping couples have babies.

I felt this interview was one that very adroitly addresses what is necessary to do in your business when your time is limited.  It would even help individuals address their own issues even if they are full time marketers on the internet.

Bob felt he was spinning his wheels at first when he got into marketing online, that he had accumulated a lot of knowledge but was not implementing any of his knowledge.

He realized that he had to cut back on watching any and every webinar that came along and that in itself was one of the biggest factors in turning his online career around with putting his knowledge into action.

Bob, along with his wife, both refused to quit and continued to work and finally stumbled upon a mentor that really made a great deal of difference in their approach to what they were doing.

Bert, in his interviewing also said that he felt very alone at first and didn’t feel confident.  But in finding a great mentor, he was told that he already had a lot of knowledge, all he had to do was to take action with his knowledge.  So his advice was to start working with the right people.

Bert asked Bob what he felt were the things that began to make him successful in his online business.  Bob suggested that there were 3 things that were paramount in his success:

1) He refused to give up.

2) You have to be able to understand the leaders or mentors and find a mentor that you resonate with.

3) Going to live events was very important.  Seeing people who have had success and realize that if they can do it, so can he.  Trust what you already know and go with it.

Bob had a big realization and found that when he was trying to do all these things: that it’s not how much time you have to do your business but it is what you do with your time.

He realized that with his limited time, he had to make some decisions based on his time.  Was watching a webinar worth his time and they had to convince Bob that it was worth his time.

It is the old adage but it certainly fits this bill: ask a busy person to help, as all the others don’t have enough time.

Bob’s time is now occupied by looking at:

1) is there any webinar that he should he attending

2) who does he need to call back or who does he need to support today?

3) when he starts building a team, you have to channel in your time to support them and when you get results, you are that much more attractive.  When people start making money under you, that is when it becomes successful.

Bob also suggested that he had to decide if he wanted to play with the big boys if he was going to become successful.

Bob also said that if you can’t build your business part time, that going full time was not going to help you.

He found that there were certain things that were non-negotiable and because he works with Diane Hochman as his mentor these are what he has suggested:

1) meeting new people, 5-10 people a day online who are sold on the idea of a business online, not someone who you have to convenience to have a business.  He uses Google +, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and You Tube to communicate with others.

2) He always tries to build his list, trying to get people on his list as a part time marketer.

3) He tries to put people on his list daily and communicate with them everyday and to try to help them everyday.

4) Bob tries to create some kind of content each day and to use it on each of the social networks and his blogs.

This was obviously a great interview that Bert did with Bob, as it certainly came up with a lot of very important ideas to help people implement into their online businesses.

This is how you become successful with your business whether or not you are full time or part time.  It is how you visualize your approach with your limited time and how you implement your own program.

Thanks to both Bob and Bert for a great understanding of what one needs to do to begin your quest to success on the internet.



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One Of My Mentors – Mark.

Image - goal - I



I felt particularly lucky to have some very important individuals in my life as mentors.  We all have certain people in our lives that we can look back on and truly realize just how much they help shape our lives, our thinking, even though we might not have completely felt that they had at the time.

A Mentor is described as a trusted counselor or guide or also can be defined as a tutor or coach.

I can look back at some relationships with friends, coaches, teachers, professors, family members and others that you might know from a distance.

Profound thoughts or ideas that make you think outside the box, make you think that you can truly accomplish a project even though you might not have all the pieces in place.

It is the way they said it, the way they defined the process, the way they encouraged you to find the solution to the initial problem. It is how you make that decision to undertake a problem that just beforehand you had no idea how to possible put things together.

It is this type of stimulation that sets off the lights in your thinking and encourages you to set out and find the solution.  It doesn’t have to be a big problem but one that has previously been outside your realm of thinking, your comfort zone or a thought process.

If I think about it, I have had many individual mentors and the influence that they had on my life and in turn, how I approached a situation.

Obviously my parents were a big influence on my early years of growth and surprising enough, the lasting thought processes that still impact how I undertake something and think about it.  There are somethings that were probably negative about this process, but very few in comparison to the positive ones.

To this day, there are ways in which I still tackle a problem or I look at a situation that the influence of my mother appears.  I know that this is probably more true than not, with many of us.

One of my mentors that I just had lunch with, as I do about every month or so,  is one of those people who just is fun to be around and whatever conversation comes up.

During my professional education, he was one of my clinical professors that I got to know, but didn’t really have a lot of contact with other than as a professor.

I got to know Mark much better as we continued our real education after we graduated.  He was in private practice, as well as being a clinical professor.  It was his approach over the next years that had been the biggest influence on my approach to how I practiced.

Mark was one of those rare individuals that seemed to implant into your subconscious a way, an approach to do things a certain way that made it extremely enjoyable and a sense of true accomplishment and just plain fun.

We had a study club (or a mastermind group) that would discuss and demonstrate new ideas or even older ideas that would allow us to understand and refine our ideas, our approach and our techniques.  A true educational approach that helped many of us to understand newer ideas in a way that was practical and helpful.

Mark would be our speaker for many of these mastermind meetings because he freely gave of his time but he also was a master of his profession.  He loved what he was doing and never hesitated to help pass that on.

He was a true, relentless educator that was always willing to teach all of us the things that he had learned over the years, so we didn’t have to go through a lengthy trial and error period.

He was that true teacher who would pass it forward and never think twice about sharing his wealth of knowledge, his wealth of understanding patients and loving and enjoying these patients.

I had lunch with him last week and as always, enjoyed the experience immensely.  He doesn’t hear as well as he did and he has macular degeneration, so he doesn’t see as well as he once did, but that makes no difference in his conversation.  He is as lively and as educational as ever and still has his strong opinions as far as what is necessary in this world.

Mark is 95 years old and lives in a retirement home, but still reads many books and can watch TV through a special way of fixing the screen on the TV so he can watch documentaries.

Mark is just one of those special people, a special professor that took the time to help other professionals in such a way that you cannot help but put him in his right place as a special person – a special mentor!  Mark is one you can’t help but love for who he is – a true professional and a true mentor.

“It is not what I want FROM you but rather what I want FOR you!”   - anonymous -

Mark is a special mentor and in the true sense a special person.

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Heroes – Who Are They Really?







When we were growing up, we all had our heroes whether they were instantaneous or somehow more than a few days old.

If we were lucky, we might have had a hero that totally made an impression on us at this stage in our life and we carried it over into our adult life.

I remember having my picture taken with Tom Harmon, a Universal All American football player from the University of Michigan.  At the time, I was a 12 year old playing midget football and I truly had very little idea of who Tom Harmon was.

I learned a great deal about him during and after this picture taking session and learned that he was a famous broadcaster from the West Coast now, but had played football for Michigan many years ago.

Did he become an instant hero to me because he was an All American?  No, it was  his demeanor and the way he treated me, as though I was a very important person, this is what truly set him apart.

I remember being in Las Vegas as a youngster (we were on a trip to the Los Angles Area to see my grandparents)  and being in a restaurant.  Low and behold there was Joe DiMaggio, The Yankee Clipper, sitting at a table not too far from us.

I knew a little about him, as my father would talk about him.  He was a famous baseball player that played for the world famous Yankees.

At this young age, I still remember the grace and attitude that he demonstrated while signing autographs for the people around him. He never got upset and  always treated the people with grace and patience.

These are the memories that I had in my mind, my heroes, the ones who were downright human and treated their fans with grace, patience and humility.  This is what I remember and why they were important to me.

Today, we put into perspective, the importance of a mentor as our instant heroes because they are there to give us advice, to give us the entrance into our own Promised Land.

Sometimes we might go too far as to whom these people might be, as they seem to put their shoes on the same as we do and they wear the same kinds of clothes that we do.

We have a tendency to put these people up on a pedestal, sometimes thinking that they can walk on water or do certain things that the “normal” individual cannot do.

Sweating from hard work





It has been my observation, that most of the mentors in  my niche of online networking, are down to earth and easily approachable. What sets them apart is that they have done the work and done the sweating to earn their place as a mentor.

A good mentor will tell you like it is, not try to sugarcoat the process or give you a false impression that the process is easy and anyone can do it.

A good mentor will tell you that there is a lot of hard work but that the process will eventually pay off if you are willing to do the work and stay the course.  They will teach you how to fish but won’t do the fishing for you – as that is entirely up to you.

There are many good mentors within this niche, but you have to align yourself with one that you relate to and one that you can trust.

When you find your mentor, learn to trust their judgement and ideas.  Learn that from whence they came, their experiences, their mistakes, and their victories all contribute to who they are today and how they will teach or mentor you.

But most of all, realize that they are human beings with their own set of understandings and their own set of mistakes.  They are not perfect but in turn, they can help you get to where you want to go, if you just let them.

Surrender to the process of learning and make the journey one of fun and experience the joy of arriving.

Mentors – heroes?   Possibly, but usually when you get out of the starry eyed  state, you begin to realize that: “Hey, I can do this and I am fortunate that I have someone who takes the time and effort to be my mentor”.






That human being who just happens to be there because of their own hard work and effort, but also takes the time to help me realize that I can put on my shoes the same way they can.  My hero, possibly,  but most of all my mentor!


“It is not what I want from you but rather what I want for you!”  — anonymous–


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Is This All There Is?

Richness in color Rich feeling





Whether your richness comes from money or the amazing feeling of a great scene or even both, let’s exam what each might echo in our minds as to what does it really stand for?

Each morning when I exercise, I find some of my best thinking comes when I am on the treadmill.  Sure I listen to talks on the iPod that are very inspiring but I find some of my best thinking comes when I close my eyes and just think while on the treadmill.\

The amazing positive aspect of this is that the time goes by so rapidly that I am amazed at how much I got done – both in the exercise and the thinking.

We take for granted our sitting down in front of the computer and expecting it to perform flawlessly on every touch of a key.  In most cases it does and it magically connects us with people who might live totally around the world.

I have been in contact with Shacha from Bhutan, Sohail from Pakistan and Omar from Gambia in West Africa.  And learning about their area is an amazing introduction to geography from around the world.

But more importantly, you get to realize that most people around the world are wholesome people who just want to connect and enjoy the thoughts and ideas of other people.

I have an National Geographic Atlas of the World that has been getting a good workout but all this does is to lead me up to the point I was making earlier – when we relate, how does this impact us as human beings?

When beginning my initial quest to making my mark on the internet, my first incentive was to see how I could make money utilizing the internet.

Obviously, this is not everyone’s incentive or even their initial thought process as most will get on the internet to look something up and to socialize.

Mindset –  what was that other than the thoughts and education that I had in my head that were formed from my earlier days of the maturation process from childhood to adulthood.

Little did I know that getting on the internet to make some money, would also include an education on the finer points of attraction marketing, people skills, and lo and behold learning that mindset was a learning process rather than a destination.

Wow –  I never envisioned that my whole thought process would be invaded by munchkins from the internet.  That my understanding of mindset was more than just someone trying to influence how I thought.

It was a mind changer, a total reformation of what I wanted to do compared to what I needed to do.  Have I changed completely? Certainly not, but I have opened my eyes to a whole new way of viewing things and understanding things and enjoying things that I have never experienced before.

Hey, I got into this gig to make some money and now I am finding myself blown away by the amazing interaction of so many people.

Sure, there are those who are always trying to spoil the party, but some do, some don’t, so what!  It all depends on how you are able to frame that picture and how you let it effect you.

Thanks to all of you on the internet who have allow this guy to enjoy the amazing benefits of “working” on the internet and continually being influenced by such outstanding individuals.

I owe all of you for such a blessing but most of all realize the best way to pay it back is to pay it forward.  To give other individuals the ability to enjoy the same arena of internet marketing but most of all to realize that life is what you want it to be, if you truly make it that way.  Open up and let the munchkins in!!


“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.  You will get all you want in life if you HELP enough other people get what they want.”      –Zig Ziglar–


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Are You Struggling?





We get into the arena of internet marketing thinking that we are going to take this program and eat it up.

It seems so easy when they keep telling me, all you have to do is push a few buttons on my computer and everything just works out.


Then the reality starts to sink in.  I have been in this business for three weeks and nothing seems to be happening.  I have bought all the newest packaged programs that were suppose to get me on the road to the gold in a short period of time.


I bought a program that was showing me how to attract leads, I bought a program that showed how to set up my website, I bought another program that showed me how to make money sitting on my couch.

I bought all these programs that were going to help me in my quest to become financially free and all I have to show for it was another program and a reduced bank account.



I was told that I needed to diversify, that I needed to get into as many programs as possible because if one failed, I would still have the other ones to fall back on.

Spending Money



I was spending all kinds of money buying all the new shinny objects and then began to realize that I was spending all this money but nothing was coming in to help me balance my financial statements.


What I found myself doing was playing not to lose rather than trying to win.  I became very defensive in my approach and this did nothing but frustrate me.




What is the solution to my problem?  Perhaps I needed another program to help me find my solution.

Then I realized, I need to sit back and reassess my situation and then figure out what I needed to do.

I needed to analyze my situation and try to understand what I was doing wrong and what I needed to turn things around.


After reading and discussing this with some successful individuals in the internet marketing business, I realized that I needed to:

1) Find a good mentor, one that I could relate to but also one that would tell it like it is rather than try to placate me.

A good mentor will tell me what I need to do but will also give me a good slap to remind me that they will show me how to fish but will not fish for me!

You follow their example by what they have done to become successful and then figure many of these things out by thinking them through.


2) Pick one market and become proficient in that market.  Find one way to become a specialist in promoting that market.  This takes time, so don’t try to rush and think that it will happen overnight.

The only thing you will solve by rushing is to finally realize that their are no overnight successes, that it took a lot of hard work leading up to their successes.


3) Pick one form of traffic lead generation at first, so you can become successful with this method.  Then you can spread out if that is what you want to do, but not before you have mastered that first method.


4) Learn that another shinny object will not solve your problems.  This might just be one of the most important aspects of examining your situation and realizing that the next object will not always solve your problem, but by taking a good look at what you have might show you that you have what you need and work with that.


5) Don’t get overwhelmed with webinars and special events!  You can spend all your time learning things and then realize that you don’t have any time to put your education into action.

Taking ACTION is one of the most important aspects of your success.

You can learn all day long but if you don’t start to put your education into action, nothing will happen.

Don’t be afraid of making a mistake because you will and all of us will make mistakes but that is truly how you learn.

Remember the tests you took in high school and you probably learned more from the one’s you missed than the ones you guessed on.  Same goes for your marketing – JUST DO IT!!!

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

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