Happiness – Are You On The Right Path?





Thomas Jefferson, in the Declaration of Independence, suggested that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are our inalienable rights.

Life and liberty can be understood in many ways with our life within the United States and other free countries but Jefferson was smart enough to make it the pursuit of happiness and not the right to happiness.

Daniel Nettle, a psychologist from England, suggests that there are three levels of happiness:

Level 1 – happiness of momentary feelings, such as a good movie, a good game of tennis or spending time with good friends and family.  This type of happiness is immediate but transient in nature.

Level 2 – this level is more cognitive.  Judgements about feelings are involved.  If you seem satisfied with your life after reflecting on your pleasures and pains and feel that your balance is on the positive side, then you have reached level 2.

Level 3 – you reach level 3 when you feel like you are flourishing and fulfilling your life’s potential.  This is living the highest quality of life.

Clearly one has to realize that a high quality life if not synonymous with simply making a  lot of money.    But as a realist, one has to realize that money does matter but not necessarily in the same way you might think.   Money doesn’t change you, it just magnifies you.  You are who you are because of the choices you make, not necessarily the amount of money you have.

Mark Skousen, a wise investment journalist, suggests that there are four elements of happiness:

1. Rewarding and honest employment

2. Recreation

3. Love and friendship

4. Spiritual development

Interestingly enough, each one of these does not require money.

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, suggested that we look for happiness in all the wrong places.  We go after pleasure, excitement and money and these things are enjoyable but he says that they do not create lasting satisfaction as they are not what matters the most.

Aristotle does suggest that what matters the most is realizing your potential, following your conscience and living up to your values.  He feels that these things allow you the good life. These things are what creates the “The Good Life”.

Many of us are going to fall short of these but it is better to fail at what is worth tackling than to succeed at what is not.

Norman Schwartzkopf, the famous general said: “The truth of the matter is you always know the right thing to do.  The hard part is doing it”.

Do you know where you conscience is leading you?  Where do you stand on your own path to success?  Are you there or are you on the right path?

“Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!!


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Is It The Tools?……





When I was younger, I worked for a real go getter in the construction trades.  It was during the summer months and I wanted to make some good money to help me in my educational endeavors.

This was a company that specialized in complete home remodels, one that gutted the house down to the original studs and rebuilding it to look brand new.

The boss was relatively young and was a real go getter and extremely ambitious.  He was paid very well for his ability to take these houses and from start to finish and would finish them in three weeks.  YES, that’s 3 weeks!

If any of you are familiar with the construction trades and specifically house rehabbing, you probably thought there is no way that can be done in three weeks.

That is usually about half the time it might take and usually longer in most cases, but this guy was ambitious and he felt that if he had twice as many workers on the job, he could pull it off.

The boss spent much of his time organizing dozens of skilled workers who were working on many houses at the same time.  He had to employ a lot of new guys from different construction companies and staffing agencies and really didn’t know their skill set or even their work ethic until they got to the work site.

Some of the guys worked out and other didn’t work out at all and it was a revolving door of carpenters, plumbers and electricians almost every day.  So you can see that much of the boss’s day was taken up hiring and firing workers and was slowing down his productivity

The boss tried to figure out what needed to be done to improve the time and efforts to get these houses done on a 3 week revolving time schedule.  He felt something needed to be done so he approached a carpenter that had done some shoddy work and asked him, “why didn’t you just do the job right?”

The carpenter says that he could have done it right had the miter saw not been broken and the band saw had the wrong blade and also the temperature in the house was cold because the heater was broken.  He had all kinds of excuses as to why he couldn’t do the job correctly and they were all based on the tools he was given in which to work with.

Our boss, being the kind of guy he was, took this information and he felt to correct the situation went out and bought about $15,000 worth of new tools for his crew and these were the best tools he could find, top of the line.

The boss felt that if the tools were slowing down his production, then he was going to take that part right out of the equation and give his crew the best equipment possible.

Well, what happen next, some guys did great work and the same guys did poor work even though they had the best tools you could buy.





The bottom line seems to be the universal truth in almost anything you do…...It is never the tools you have…….It’s what you do with the tools that counts!!!

Apply this to anything that you undertake and the amazing part is that it flat out works!!!!!


Believe In Yourself – The Shortest Route To Success!



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What Is It That Determines Our Position In Life?…….




Genuine success really doesn’t have anything to do with what is on the outside of our lives, whether we are wealthy or poor, successful or less successful (whatever that means), living in the right country or whatever you can come up with.  Experiencing life to its fullest is on the inside, not the outside

We continue to try to change our inside by changing our outside but that just doesn’t seem to work over the long run.  We might be happy for what we might have in material possessions but that type of happiness doesn’t really persist for very long unless there is that inside happiness.  With material possessions, you will continue to have to find something new to satisfy your hunger but if there is the inner self happiness, then this will persist forever.

We have all seen the positive wall hanging that exclaims:  “Attitude determines your altitude”.  This saying might be a little cliquish but when you examine it more closely, it really has a very positive meaning.

Those who are making the most of their lives, have that positive attitude that they are going to succeed no matter what!  They look at it with the attitude of I can rather than I can’t.

The Biblical Parable of the Talents is a good example of succeeding.  The master gave three servants different amounts of money according to what he thought their abilities were.  He told them to invest the money and left on a long trip.  When he returned, two of the servants had invested the money wisely and the third had buried the money and felt the master just didn’t think he could do it wisely. They all had the same apparent abilities but one didn’t feel he could do it.  This shows you that those with the undeniable faith that they could do it – succeeded.





So the POSITIVE ATTITUDE that you sincerely have can be the one determining factor that can carry you to the successes that you have defined and mapped out for yourself.

Is ATTITUDE something you are born with or can you attain it by some hard introspection?

It is suggested by some that ATTITUDE can be formed from a person’s past and present and is also measurable and changeable as well as influencing the person’s emotion and behavior.   So if you feel you need to work on your attitude, there is hope because you have the ability to change it.

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Special Friends – Do You Have One?




When you are growing up, did you have that friend that you could talk to, laugh with and just enjoy being around mainly because you could say what you wanted and not be judged because of what you said or what you thought?

I was up North in Michigan (a ritual of people living in the southern part of Michigan heading north on the week-ends) to enjoy the beaches and the comfort and quiet that exudes from the pent up hustle and bustle of the big cities of the “south” of Michigan.

I was fortunate to be able to spend my summers up at Crystal Lake (about 30 miles west of Traverse City).  My mother was a teacher, so she had the summers off and my father did the week-end routine of coming up on Friday Evenings and heading back home on Sunday Afternoon.

This was a ritual that many working men did on the week-ends scheduled around their vacation time.  I am sure that it is not only Michigan but other states do as well, especially in the northern sector of our country.

There were others families that came from many other parts of the country, even California and the state of Washington. Obviously these people had different arrangements whereas the father would come up for his vacation time and maybe a few other times during the summer.

People from Indianapolis and Chicago frequently spent long week-ends “up at the lake” and wouldn’t think twice about driving this distance.

Many of the cottagers have been there because the cottages had been handed down through generations of families.   We have a cottage that is shared with my sister’s family as our folks had purchased the cottage many years ago.

Cottage on a lake



Many of the lakes in Northern Michigan are glacier lakes that were formed  during the glacier age and they are spring fed.  So consequently, they are very clear and deep.  Crystal Lake is very appropriately named because of the clarity of the water.

Friends or acquaintances have asked me why would I drive all that way for such a short period of time (the drive is about 4 and a half hours and the stay was about a day and a half)?  I have answered it with: “if I  try to answer that question, then I don’t think I could truly answer it, rather someone has to experience it themselves to get the idea of what I am talking about”.  This is not only true about Crystal Lake but many of the lakes in the northern half of Michigan as I have discussed this with friends from other lakes.

This just sets the background of some of my best friends that I had met and thoroughly enjoyed through many years.  It was like having two sets of friends, those from the lake and those from my hometown in Southern Michigan.

One of my friends (we will call him Charley) is someone that I met up at the lake when we were 12 years old.  We usually ran around with a whole group of people and rode our bikes to wherever we needed to go.  One of the popular modes was in a boat with a small motor because you could go anywhere on the lake without a drivers license.

This eventually translated into water skiing, a bigger boat and much of our initial experience was because we couldn’t drive a car but we could drive a boat.

When we got to that magic age of 16, we were able to work at the gas station that was the only one on Crystal Lake and we were well taught in the art of selling.   When we approached the car, we would start cleaning the windows of the cars and then ask if we could check the oil and fill the tank up.

We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our summers full of summer romances,  softball and beach parties.

After these summers many of us went our separate ways because we had to try our hand at learning what the world was all about and getting a job and finding out just what our interests might be beyond the fun of childhood and living on a lake during the summer.  Were we well to do?, far from it but we were lucky that the opportunity presented itself for many of us, as it allowed me to have friends for a lifetime that have been the staple of my life.

This friend Charley, gives me the opportunity to confide in and discuss things that I might normally have trouble  discussing with anyone else.  I can tell him things that bother me or even the deeper thoughts that you probably wouldn’t discuss with anyone else.  He doesn’t judge me or tell me that I shouldn’t feel that or be concerned about this, but rather gives me the comfort of being able to openly discuss whatever it might be that I need to discuss.

For me, this is refreshing and just plain relaxing and an outlet that doesn’t always exist in your daily experiences or existence.  I was just up at Crystal and I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Charley and I didn’t realize just how therapeutic this time was until I was making my way home to Southern Michigan via the highways and had some good time to just think – no radio, no CD music, at least for a great deal of the trip.  Fond memories of the childhood we had at Crystal but also what has translated into our present lives and some hows and whys.

Fond memories but more than that, way more than that and some clearer pictures of where I stand today and tomorrow and beyond.  I have a much clearer pictures of my WHYS  and what I want to do about it!

Do you have this kind of person in your life?  If you do, you are one lucky person – just like I am!


Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

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Just Because I Was Successful, Doesn’t Mean It Will Transfer…….

Key To Success



Just because you were successful in one domain does that mean you are going to be successful in another one?  Too many times  we get the misdirected idea that because we were successful with one business or profession, that getting into internet marketing or online marketing is going to be a breeze.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact a good friend of mine, Bob Clarke, a very successful online marketer is a reproductive scientist who feels that it might actually hurt. He suggests that your ego might just get in the way of any success, especially at first.   Bob suggests that: “smarter means dropping your ego, being teachable and learning from those who’ve gone before you”.

So if you think that because you have an “advanced degree” might give you an advantage, you might just have to put that aside and learn the new process from the bottom up, just like most of the leaders have begun their success on their way to the top of the leaderboards.

I have to admit,  because I have an advanced degree I thought my abilities in one area was going to help me get there faster.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I needed to put my own ego aside and get to work just like everyone else in this amazing profession of internet marketing.  If I was going to make it in this profession, I needed to learn many new areas of interest that I had rarely been exposed to in the past.   I had to learn many of the intricacies of the computer that we more than just hitting a few keys to get you to a website.

Today,  I know my way around a computer far more than I did, but I am far from a geek or a nerd when it comes to the computer but through persistence and a tendency to be  stubborn,  I have mastered enough of the computer to be dangerous (to a certain degree).  I still have no problem asking for help in certain areas and even listen to a leader via a video tell me things that I might have to listen to a few times to actually get it.

I have left my ego at the door a long time ago and am finding this profession of online marketing an amazing profession full of grateful and thoughtful individuals who continue to amaze me as to what heights they can go to fulfill their dreams.  Through persistent consistency each and everyone can fulfill those dreams if they have the patience to continue to work at their dreams AND NEVER GIVE  UP!

Find that leader, find that program that fits into your idea of success and realize that success is not going to be overnight, but rather a journey of zigs and zags.  But eventually success will come because you had the “sticktoitofness” to stay the course, to realize that your WHY” was bigger than all the other excuses put together – even though you might have been a professional in your other life.


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How To Strengthen Your Self Image…..

Body, Mind and Spirit



How can you strengthen your self image on a daily basis?  The use of ongoing training and conditioning is very important to athletes as well as other individuals utilizing muscle using activities.

This same training and conditioning can be used in the conditioning of the self image – which we can consider as the “mental muscle”.  Your self image really defines your possibilities.

Dan Kennedy has said that you cannot out perform your self image.  Your self image is always in motion and by adjusting the parameters in which it performs,  you can make a real positive input into your outlook on life.

The input can be either positive strengthening in nature or it can be negative as to restrict your self image.  Dan Kennedy and his colleagues in the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation put together a 10 point daily regiment using Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s thoughts and ideas from his experience in working with many different individual patients.

The regiment is used to strengthen your self image.  Is is not long or difficult but if used on a regular basis it can make a profound difference in your overall positive self image.  Regiment seems way too military in nature but it is far from this, as it is a pattern that can literally change your life!

Movies in your mind




1) The Use of Mental Movies  Go into the theater in your mind and watch appropriate movies.  Stimulate your powerful imagination.  Make sure your images are positive in nature so that you can find an amazing array of helpful stimulations.   Get into the habit of doing this everyday and try to set up a time to do it at the same time each day if at all possible.

2) Mental Rehearsal    A deliberate rehearsal of a skill that is important to you and that is in congruence with your sense of direction.

3) Review your Goals    Refocus on your vision for the future.  Don’t let distractions interfere with this process as it can reduce your effectiveness considerably.

4) Use Positive Self Talk   Use key words and psychological triggers to reinforce these self images.  Find ways to eliminate the negative self talk that can side track your positive images.

5) Make Goal Directed Actions   Your self image can tell the difference between productivity and activity.  (Boy – how many times have I been there with just activity and not productivity!). The more energy and effort that is linked to your goals, the more productive you will be. (logical isn’t it).  Ask yourself the question: “How is this activity allowing me to get closer to my goals?”

6) Make Corrective Actions as You Go Along  We all make mistakes and that is just being human, so it is not going to change. It is best to take corrective action as quickly as possible so you can stay on track and move on.  If you spend too much time trying not to make a mistake, then this process is truly going to hamper your progress.  If you are trying to learn everything there is to know about a certain subject before you act – this can also have a very negative effect upon the whole process, as the tendency is to not move on at all.

7) Assertive Communication   People who avoid confronting a situation and put it off will usually weaken their self image.  It is best to deal with the situation or a problem as you go along rather than continue to put it off “until later”.  Stand up for your position that you have taken and if you feel it is properly taken and have the necessary facts to back up your position – then go for it.

8) Relaxation  There is a real connection between peak performance and relaxation.  There are techniques that Dr. Maltz has developed to help you relax and still be very productive. He makes it a point that it is a technique that is clearly defined rather than a buffet that you can pick and choose.  To be able to perform in a relaxed state in stressful situations is the key to learning different relaxation techniques.  Dr. Maltz defines these techniques in his book: Psycho-Cybernetics and goes into excellent  detail as to how to perfect these techniques.

9) Recognition   Give yourself some good reinforcement for the many good things that you have done during the day. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to look and concentrate on the negative things that occurred during the day and place way too much emphasis on them.  Show off the victories rather than the battle scars.  Give your self image the boost rather than the scars.  Focus on the accomplishments, the progress and even the humor in the day rather than the negatives.

Look at things in a positive way each day and write them down so you can actually see them.

a) give gratitude to at least three things that happened during the day.

b) notice at least three people who did something nice for you today and send them a short thank you note.

c) list 3 productive things you did today and write them down in a success journal.


10) Organize Your Next Day Ahead of Time  Organize tomorrow’s activities tonight.  The self image always seems to be strengthened by a good sense of direction.

These activities can be accomplished more easily as each day progresses.  Don’t look at it as a regiment that is difficult but rather as one that can and will make you and your self image a more effective and relaxed individual in the long run.

If you do these for about 21 days, then they become almost automatic habits.  You can look at this as overwhelming and that you don’t have time or you can look at this as a very positive affirmation of your time to make your days that much more effective.  If a lumberjack takes time to sharpen his ax, he will be much more effective during his day.

“No BS Time Management” is an excellent book by Dan Kennedy that helps you to better understand the process of time management

“Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!”

If you have gotten anything out of this post, please let me know by adding your comments below.  Many times one realizes that by researching these articles, we get as much, if not more out of the meat of the subject then we thought possible.  Keep reading and keep researching and before long, you will find that light at the end of the tunnel.  Enjoy the day!!!


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Guilt – An Obstacle To Overcome….





Everyone has some skeletons in their closets of some nature.  But when it continues to dominate your thoughts, it will continue to punish you in many ways.

Lucinda Bassett, in her excellent book, “From Panic to Power” suggests that we are programmed to use guilt as justification for suffering and unhappiness. When you feel guilty, you might look at every problem that presents itself as the proper punishment rather than an appropriate challenge that you can take on and rise above it.

Some people view their mistakes as “it’s going to happen” and just assume this and seem to accumulate them and wear them as their Scarlet Letter.




A quiet down ridden person might feel guilty when they actually feel good as they don’t  feel that they deserve it.

Forgiving yourself for past deeds is extremely powerful and can lead to an amazing feeling of peace of mind.  When you have made peace with your past, it allows many feelings and emotions to be released and the peace that it accompanies is very relieving.

Until you have made peace with your past, you cannot out perform the self constraints you have placed on yourself.

When you have liberated yourself from your past mistakes, your true personality, talents and abilities will show through. You will amaze yourself as to what you can accomplish by not having to push through the guilt.

When you make peace with yourself, you will be amazed as to how much you can accomplish in such a relatively short period of time.

We all have these restraints that we have lived with – now is the time to liberate yourself from the burdens of the past and become that person you truly want to be.

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!!!

If you got anything out of this post, please let me know where you stand.  These are the types of messages that we can either take seriously or push them off, but it is up to you to become that person you truly want to be.  Life is too damn short to not take advantage of what you can do and where you can go – but it is truly up to you!

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Emotional Scars That Need Evaluation…..





Liberating your talents and your abilities is a true necessity in gaining your own self confidence and your self image. Positive change is not always easy as we have a tendency to revert into our old comfortable ways.

Many of us have a tendency to be down on ourselves for not changing some of these old habits into better and more productive ways.  Usually this is a cop out from the inner self that we need some help.

Even people who have become very successful, might have weakened self images even though they appear otherwise.

Whatever habit or habits you decide to replace with more productive behavior – the use of Psycho-Cybernetics approaches have proven to many to be easy and very successful.  This doesn’t mean that it can and will always be easy.  It might mean that the mind needs some work on the self image that in turn can use the techniques of Dr. Maltz’s Psycho-Cybernetics.

Dr. Maltz, as a plastic surgeon realized that he could repair the outer scars of his patients but many times their self image interfered with the results.

Many emotional scars can be traced back to one’s childhood or even in the working environment that people were in. These are the areas that Dr. Maltz began to realize were as important or more important than the physical scars.

Dr. Maltz felt that there were five emotional barriers to overcome and each one can be placed in one of these categories or emotional barriers.

Here is a prescription to allow yourself to master the problems associated with these:

1) Hypersensitivity  –  can lead to an area of “political correctness”,  leading to tensions, people begin to shelter away from expressing themselves at all – not wanting to hurt someones’s feelings. A casual comment can land you in court quicker than you realize.

A society that loses its tolerance, it flexibility and even its sense of humor becomes very intolerant. If you are easily offended then you will probably have no problem being offended but your happiness and production in your work will probably suffer.

A strengthened self image becomes a shield against either imagined or real attacks.  As you begin to strengthened your self image, things that seemed to bother you in the past, are just brushed off and occur much less because greater self respect will gain much more respect from others.

Ask yourself a simple question, when you might have too much time to think – is this bigger then me or am I bigger than this?

2) Chronic Dependency  – is a cause of unhappiness and frustration.  People who have a compulsion to be liked or recognized  are usually constantly  frustrated. Sometime people become martyrs as a way of attention getting.They might just make themselves ill by all the fuss of getting attention.  They might involve themselves in destructive behavior just to garner attention.

These kinds of people are more prone to emotional hurts. As children we are always looking for that approval from the teachers, the parents and fellow playmates.  We are looking for that gold star but as we mature, that gold star should start coming from within, that we take responsibility for our own success. Resentment or Angry




3) Resentment  – called by some as the politics of envy. Resentment, maybe just one of the most counter-productive activities in existence. Resentment is a no ending application to unhappiness.  It cannot create anything totally productive but rather keeps you in a mood of darkness.

When we blame someone for our problems, we rarely take it out physically on someone but it can have a lingering affect of a grudge and more than likely, the person you are angry with doesn’t even know it occurred in the first place.

Forgiveness is like taking a heavy load off your shoulders and realizing how much better you feel.  This is one of the main teachings of Jesus- forgiveness!

Carrying a grudge is very heavy lifting.  Learning to give up the grudge without any strings attached can be magic – the burden is lifted. No one,  absolutely no one is treated fairly throughout their lifetime, but it is how you react to to that can have lasting affects on you.

You get no revenge by having a grudge against someone but the harm will come in the form of resentment and affects you. The act of forgiveness might just be looked at as the ultimate act of selfishness as it only truly affects you – but without it, you empower the other person to continue their assault on you mentally.

How many more precious hours do you want to give up to anger, bitterness and resentment?

4) Guilt  – Lucinda Bassett, the author of “From Panic to Power” explains that we are programmed to use guilt as justification for suffering and unhappiness.

For example if you were wronged by someone inadvertently, you could say that the next problem that arose was due you because of that past wrong.  Instead of taking it as a challenge,  do something positive instead. Guilt or lack of peace of mind will exist until you have made peace with your past.

The self liberation will begin to show through and your self image will most certainly improve. Dr. Maltz suggests seeing yourself with kind eyes as human beings are far from perfect.  You are going to make mistakes, but you can rise above your mistakes and use them as a positive, inspired  experience for improvement.

Have compassion and understanding of yourself – acknowledge the mistake and move on. Dr. Maltz also suggests 5 practical steps for self forgiveness:

1- acknowledge yours feelings of guilt, face up to them and don’t deny them.  Have a straight forward dialogue  with yourself.

2- clean the slate and put the situation behind you.  Commit to a time period to put them behind you, and make it a specific time.

3- take action to correct the situation.  apologize, make amends and correct it if possible.

4- give yourself an ability to put the situation into a good perspective.  Treat yourself kindly and as a good person. 5- Strengthen your goals and focus on getting them done.  Rid yourself of the past, put away these files and move on.

5) Fear – Fear comes in many different forms, real or unreal. People fear what others think of them.  We cannot control what others think of us but rather can only control our own behavior.

Having confidence in our own ability to bounce back from anything is very helpful in the health of the self image. Your self image can allow you to look at the mistakes by acknowledging them, extract whatever useful information you can and adjust it to get you back on course towards your goals. It will not be a straight line but it is going in the right direction.


Believe In Yourself – The Shortest Route To Success!

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Continuing To Program Your Success……..



This is a continuation of what we started in the last blog that contains more information on how to program success into your daily routine as well as into your overall life activities.

Obviously success comes to different individuals in different ways but in reality much of it can be classified into certain areas that allow you the ability to pursue your own successes in somewhat the same areas of accomplishments.  But you might go about it differently but with the end results being somewhat the same.

1) Transforming your weaknesses that need to be fixed into strengths that just need to be improved  – by looking at it this way, we avoid negative language as well as negative images.

Instead of being self critical, look at things with a goal orientated improvement.  This is the type of positive re-enforcement that the Disney Corporation uses.  Instead of what the negative people look at, it will be a positive goal improvement.   Creatively making things better is many times what the Disney Corporation uses in a positive manner.

2) Use visual triggers  –  You can remind your subconscious of all kinds of visual triggers.  Dan Kennedy has pictures of eagles around because they remind him of basic peak performance ideas.  He feels their vision and how decisive they are when making a decision.  It has been equated that the eagles vision is about 10 times greater than the human eyes and there is no indecision when he is looking for prey.

Dan Kennedy also reminds us of a trick that he uses on himself. To remind himself of how valuable time really is, he has some fake dynamite  sticks tied to a clock in full vision sitting on his desk.

Dr. Maltz suggests using a grease pencil on the bathroom mirror that is in full vision when you are getting ready in the morning.  Even have a picture reminder on the mirror of your favorite role model and it is a constant reminder of what he or she has done for you and your successful ideas.

3) Put together a success environment to support your positive ideas and thoughts  – this can include visual aids, mental imagery and ones that you can view many times during the day.

The use of audio CDs and Mp3s that can reinforce your imagery can be most useful.  Listening to audios on a regular basis can give you that emotional lift that might be necessary.  Listening to these same audios while in your car, even going on short trips can be very helpful  – it is the habit that you can create that will help in listening to these audios.

Rubbing shoulders with successful people can be very helpful and they don’t necessarily have to be in the same business interest that you are in but can have that positive influence on you.

Removing yourself from a negative environment in your office setting can have a very positive influence in your attitude.  For example if someone in the cubicle next to you is always giving a negative  report about everything that is within their reach, just ask to be moved to another area.  You don’t have to listen to a continuous array of negative language.

4) Manage anger by training yourself – Bob Rotella, a sports psychologist, especially in the area of golf, suggests not letting anger upset your daily routine.  (obviously easier said than done) It is something that will take time to work on and formulate a way to eliminating the negative influence.  It can ruin so many things in your approach to success.

Self image re-engineering can help you speed up the process of not letting anger involve itself in your daily routine.  It can literally reduce the times and the intensity of any anger that seems to undermine your progress to success.

Dan Kennedy suggests that the term “Blind Rage” is a good one because unchecked anger blinds you to solutions and opportunities.  He also suggests ways to help in curbing your anger, such as:

a. accept negative results – we are far from perfect.  We can’t alter the past but we can control the presence.

b. stay calm – as the calm individual can visualize things that an angry person has problems seeing.  There can be some activities that can lessen the impact of anger, such as sitting down and writing down the things that are making you angry and then when done, throw away the paper on which it is written.  It is like writing a letter to the person you are very angry with, write it and then discard it as you have gotten out what you needed to get out.

c. quickly focus on the next thing at hand and not what has been bogging you down.  A good example used might be in golf. Concentrate on the good shots and let the others go by the wayside.  Use the image of the good shots to help visualize the good ones and it can be very helpful when you are confronted by the same situation in the future.

5) React in a positive manner to negative feedback  – to respond to disappointment with a positive reaction can allow you the impetus to construct something positive.  This is how many peak performers react to negative feedback.  Their consistent response to disappointment, frustration and possibly their own mistakes is to react in the most constructual way possible.

They learn from their experiences and they then move onto bigger and better things.

A realistic expectation as to getting from disappointment to a positive, constructive position will not be a straight line but rather a zig-zag line.  This is what peak performers realize and will understand this and make corrections along the way.

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Dr. Maxwell Maltz has shown us an amazing dissection of what problems are and an ability of recognizing these and then give you ideas, thoughts and exercises as to how to remedy these situations.  He was a plastic surgeon that realized that many of his patients looking for physical solutions to their “problems” needed a solution from the inside out rather than the other way around.

His books are full of excellent ideas and ways to solve problems that will help improve the psyche and the understanding of what makes us tick and why.

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!








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Programming For Success……

9920472-art-work-of-business-hand-with-the-wordGoals There are a number of ideas and thoughts that might be considered in shaping your idea of success.  Perhaps you have a vision already of what you might consider success and all that goes along with it.    You might also take a bit of time and examine some of the ideas that we are putting forth for you to look at and decide whether or not they might be helpful to you.

1) A sense of direction – it is vital that you establish a sense of direction on knowing exactly where you want to go and where you are presently going.

It cannot be a vague cloudy objective but rather a specific, laser targeted goal.

As the objective becomes more clear, the course of direction becomes much tighter and success becomes more quickly attained.  The key to dramatically accelerating your personal achievement is to provide yourself a clear, persistent detailed sense of direction.

2) Mental Imagery  – is having the ability to communicate with your subconscious mind with the use of pictures not words.  This deals with having a theater in your mind and rehearsing with a mental picture.

Jack Nicklaus, one of pro golf’s greatest players, would always picture where he was going to hit his next shot – he mentally pictured himself hitting the ball exactly where it was supposed to go.  You could tell by the number of titles he won, that his process was successful.

Dr. Martz points out in his book, Psycho-Cybernetics that the prime reason for using these techniques is the reprogramming, the re-engineering and the strengthening of the self image.

3) Combining Affirmations and Mental Imagery there is considerable support for the use of affirmation throughout the sporting world as well as in behavioral psychology and in self development.

Dr. Shane Murphy, who used to be the chief psychologist for the US Olympic Team, in his book, The Achievement Zone, shows that he is a big supporter of positive self talk and has suggested that this is even effective in the treatment of depression.

Many sports psychologists suggest that the use of cue words, which abbreviates the thoughts you might use for affirmations, can be used in place of a whole series of re-programing words and can be just as effective.

It is suggested the the use of abbreviated cards (3×5 cards) that you can carry on yourself or display in prominent places such as the mirror in the bathroom or your desk.  This then can trigger your use of this technique.

Some psychologists suggest the use of subliminal programming even though they carried some skepticism.  Some do feel that it has some very good benefits if it is combined with mental imagery.

4) Avoiding Negative Language Dealing with Willpower – Dr. Murphy says that just the thought of failure makes people anxious and afraid.  When you attempt to tell yourself that to do something – you seem to remind yourself of failure.  The won’t and don’t programing always seems doomed to failure.

Dr. Maltz in his Pyscho-Cybernetics Book, feels that you need to become committed to replace will power with creative imagination and in turn, a relaxed performance.

5) Cancel Out Negative Programing– cancel out negative programing when ever it sticks it ugly head up.  The whole process of re-engineering the self image is not hard to understand but it will not occur easily or right away.

Old programing will take time to re-engineer and will have some resistance.  When this does occur, just note that it will take some time.  You can use your cue words to stop the process.

It doesn’t matter what word you use as long as it is used consistently and when necessary.

You can interrupt your negative program if you just realize what you are doing and begin using the word or phrase that you have decided to use.  It is best to say it out loud so you can hear it as it tends to be more effective.

You want as many reinforcements as you can get to help in your releasing the negative programing.  For example, if you feel you need to be more assertive in certain situations, you can use the theater in your mind to review the necessary actions you need to utilize the mental imagery to show the assertiveness you deem necessary.  You can also use your word or phrase that will help when you have found yourself beginning to bring back the old negative programing.

These are some ideas that will help you in your program for success.  I will continue some more ideas in a future post that can help you in your quest for a more rewarding program of success.

It is how you approach this process that can make a difference.  You can pooh-pooh it and continue on your own course or you can put yourself into a mindset of trying these ideas and be amazed at how they can truly help you – it all depends on you and your ability to let go of your past images of failure or success……

It is up to YOU!

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

If you got anything out of this post, please let me know.  If you disagree with some or all of the post, let me know also, so I can learn what your ideas and feelings are all about.


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