Trust – One Of The Greatest Attributes Of Leaders

TRUST!  The greatest aspect of a

leader, not only from past history, but within your business

profile.   Trust has the ability to destroy a business or give high

regards for a business.

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David Horsager says: “Confident to believe in the level of

trust is the biggest bottom line attribute.”  Mr. Horsager is

a speaker, a statistical analyzer and a professor who looks

at much data to figure out the attributes of leaders in all

walks of life.



When we speak of trust, we think of our

ability to trust our own thinking and ideas.  It is difficult

to trust others if we cannot trust our own thoughts and




Again Mr. Horsager suggests: “The trust edge is the greatest

competitive edge of all time  and the only way to genuine

success.  It will show up in the most successful leaders in




He suggests that there are 8 pillars of trust that we need

to review to fully understand what trust really means.

1) Clarity – trust the clear but have distrust for the

less clear or ambiguous.

2) Compassion – belief beyond yourself.  That is,

you have respect for those other than yourself and

are willing to genuinely help others to attain success.

3) Character  – the work of life whether easy or hard.

Leaders did it when it needed to be done, whether they

wanted to or not.  They did what was right over what

was easy.

4) Competency  – competent in your abilities, in your

own area.  Want fresh, relevant and capable individuals.

Being continual learners.

5) Commitment  – being committed to something long after

the time in which you made the commitment has left you.

6) Connection – collaborate beyond yourself.  Being grateful

and having true humility.

7) Contribution – showing and giving results for things

you do.

8) Consistency – you need to be consistent to be trusted.

We trust sameness, the little things done consistently makes

the biggest difference.



Trust seems to impact the bottom line more than any

other characteristic.  What builds trust?  Having all of

these 8 traits are seemingly critical in building trust.



Taking a look at companies and why they are successful,

especially in this day of everything being quick and

fast.  Continually doing the same thing or the consistency

of doing something might just be the best way to trust

a person or a process.



Within the learning process of teaching employees the

system, there is an approach called BAMA.

B – Be excellent, not average

A – Act with urgency

M- Make a connection

A – Anticipation – anticipate needs of the customer



There are different ways to look at breaking down

some barriers that keep us from forming trusted

relationships.  Government is a good example of

some barriers.  Some lawmakers might want to get

a law passed or some pork put into a bill, but he/she is

thinking of only his/her constituents, not the country as

a whole (does this sound familiar?)



There is a tendency for some individualism rather

than doing it together for the good of the whole or

as in some cases, the good of our nation.



We also think somewhat, in this day and age, of

instant gratification, that we want it now and

we don’t want to work that hard for it.    Trust

on the other hand is something that is earned

over a period of time.



Trust in ourselves influences how others trust us’ –

another gem from Mr. Horsager.  And he also will

tell us that if you don’t trust yourself, you have a hard

time trusting others.



One of the ways that is suggested is to make and keep

a commitment.  And only make a commitment that you

know you can keep and if you want to be trusted.



One thing that will help you in committing to doing

something consistency, is to commit to something for

90 days.  90 days changes things…..



“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be,

and you help them become what they are capable

of being.”             Goethe





John C. Logan

One of the good guys who really enjoys what he is doing – working

with  Empower Network and watching all the success going on!


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