Finding Your Way Through The Maze

Finding Your Way – How Does This Apply To Internet Marketing??

by  | on September 15, 2013 

Having a direction in which to follow

or a sense of purpose in this fast paced society seems to be a problem.



People need to find an inner source of

guidance because in this day and age with so much

information, it allows people to become distracted

and in turn, have a lot of clutter in their lives.



There is a need to get to a place where there is not

so much clutter or distraction and find a place that

allows you a state of rest.



We as a group of people never seem to be satisfied

with what is going on around us.     I find if I go to

a place that has given me this period of rest or

relaxation in the past, then it is easy to find that

state of rest and peace right now, especially if it

is relatively easy to reach.




How do we find our purpose in life?  How do we

find that purpose that will allow us to find our





There was a study done that examined

a group of people who graduated from college

and went right to work in the corporate world

and seemed very happy with what they were

doing.  This was compared with individuals who

went right out and became entrepreneurs right

after college graduation.     As stated, those who

went right into the corporate world were happy

at first but comparing them with the entrepreneurs

after a period of 15 to 20 years, the entrepreneurs

became increasingly happier and the corporate people

became less enamored with their jobs.

Image - entrepreneur Image - Unhappy businessman - a pupit




The amount of change, the level of innovation is so

rapid and everything is moving all the time, that the

way to get through all this is thinking as if you are a

very small person in a large crowd.  That you can

be nimble and adaptable and wind yourself through

the crowd and be comfortable is an example.




You can be comfortable and still follow your passion.

What should we be asking ourselves on a daily basis

that would help us get through this maze?

1) make a list of the things we need to do and without

putting our own feelings into the outcome,  ask ourselves

how we feel?  What kind of emotional and physical

feelings does it elicit and if it is negative, how might

you change it?




Martha Beck suggests that you look at the list and

see if you can change the item on the list that does elicit

a negative response. You can either bag it, barter it,

or better it.




Bag it means you drop it, barter it means you let someone

else do it and better it means you have a friend help you

with it or do it.     If you bag it, barter it or better it with

things that are not positive, then it forces things to be

lighter – and you will say no to the things that were not

meant to be yours and separate the things that are on

purpose for you.




We continue to look for the program or company that

allows us to use our abilities to work through the maze

of things that seem to be complicated or confusing.

We want that company that sifts through the complicated

things and reduces it to a simple approach that will put it in

our comfort zone.




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John C. Logan

One of the good guys who really enjoys what he is doing – working
with Empower Network and watching all the success going on!

Any Questions?   Send me an email and I’ll try to give you the scoop.
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