Goals – Your mission, if you decide to take it!





Goals – Your mission, if you decide to take it!



You just can’t get enough of the wisdom

that Jim Rohn shares with all of us.

There are many ways in which to present

goals or how to set goals but it comes right

down to trying to set goals when what

you are doing now is just not working or

at least working to your satisfaction.



This whole idea of internet marketing or

a home based business, is it right for you

and can you possibly do it to make a decent

living or even a better than average living

wage?  Is it within your reach and can

you actually do it without any formal

training?  Can you be as successful as many

of those that have done it before you and are

doing it now?



Many experts feel that the wave of the

internet, the wave of the future and the

way we buy our things will be done mainly

by the use of the internet.  The convenience

of the internet, by sitting at home in your

pajamas and buying that suit or bathing

suit really appeals to many of the younger

generation as well as many of the older

generation.  It’s all about convenience.

Although there are still many of us that

still like to try things on and see how they

fit as well as how they feel.   Even with this,

the easy way of having it delivered right to

your front door without having to go to a

busy store, is very appealing to many.



Goals – this still is the main topic of our

conversation and how we can get out of

our present situation and really live our

dream.   Can we do it, can we be as successful

as many who have done it before us.



It doesn’t take a genius or a PhD or even a

collage or high school education.  All it takes

is  a willingness to have an open mind and

and the ability to learn some information that

can and will change your life situation.



Just think, working from home, on the computer

waking up when you decide, sitting in your favorite

chair, learning the process with ease and then have

money in your bank account and being able to do

the things you always wanted to but just didn’t have

the time because you worked too hard for too many

hours or just didn’t have the money, this seems like

a no brainer.    This type of business, (done by anyone

with some ambition) can be your ticket out of the

doldrums of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.



You don’t think you can do it?, just ask those guys that

lived in their parents basement, lived in a van, or homeless

because they used up all their means.  It doesn’t take much

to get started in this business, just a measly $25 to find

out if you are willing and able to make that change to put

yourself on the map to things that you never thought

possible.  Believe me, you can do it if all of us that struggled

before finding this business had the same feeling of what if?



Just set your goals  – you don’t have to reach the moon

but set some goals to reach the level just above where you are

and then you will understand the mission that you will put

yourself on!


Goals – your mission, if you decide to take it!


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