Ambition – this is the way!


Ambition – this is the way!

This video by Jim Rohn is somewhat longer than

the others but well worth watching. He just

seems to be able to portray his message with

such interesting dialog and also at the same

time being very effective. As usual, it is full of

information that is very helpful. It gives you

information that says: “why didn’t I think of that?”




The whole discourse on the subject of Ambition

is a volatile one because there are so many ideas

of just what does it mean, especially in the context

of dealing with home based businesses.

Would you be excited about the ability of working

with other like minded individuals that want to

succeed in the arena of internet marketing? Would

you enjoy having a working relationship with other

entrepreneurs that are ambitious enough to make

that adventure into the home based business. You

don’t have to have an excited, jumping up and down,

in your face reaction, but one of true excitement to

be able to work with people who want to have a life

style that is far better than average and a bank account

that equals your excitement.




Many entrepreneurs have begun with meager means and

meager surrounds, but just decided that enough was enough

and that there is no reason why they couldn’t do something

to get out of the rut they were in. The rut can be anything

that contributes to that less than enthusiastic enjoyment of

your J.O.B. or your position in life. Your ambition can be

changed from within and it can make you realize just how

easy and fun it can be to become that person that has

always been inside you but never had the chance to

“get outside yourself”.




Getting involved with the right program and getting involved

with the right mentor can lead you to that arena that fulfills

your slightest dreams and desires. Is there some work involved?

Sure there is, but what quality program doesn’t have some work

involved to get you on the right track to that life that you have

wanted and dreamed about. We all have these dreams but when

you see what others have been able to do with this program, then

it makes you want to get onboard and be part of this exciting and

smooth running program.




Empower Network is one of these programs that just

exudes its progress and success in a very short period of time.

Starting on October 31, 2011 with 30 people, it has expanded

to over 42,000 members and growing. They pay an unusual

100% commissions on their products and you keep 100% of the

profits. They have paid out over 11 million dollars so far and

continues to grow. With this program, it is a great way to begin your

venture into the home based business as it doesn’t take a lot

of tech skills, a lot of computer skills (if you can push a key, your

in and can be successful), nor does it take a lot of understanding

of marketing skills because much of this is done for you and all

you have to do is essentially show up one day and sign up for

a small fee of $25 to open up the gates to your success.



Ambition – this is the way!  If you really want it!

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