Internet Marketing – Giving Back Is The Key!

“No one can live happily who has regard for himself

alone and transforms everything in a question of his

own utility.”  This was written by the first century

Stoic philosopher Seneca in his Moral Letters to




What does this mean in terms of today’s outlook

on what life is all about?  The interpretation is one

that Einstein seems to put very plainly: “Only a

life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”




We can get all into the philosophy of living life

on life’s terms but what we really try to think

about, especially in the internet marketing

arena, is how does this whole aspect affect

us and how do we approach our business.



Since Einstein’s theory was put forth,there has

been the notion that you can explain everything

by having a “theory of everything”.  This would

explain the physical world by putting together

general relativity with quantum physics.



Unfortunately in the emotional world there is

no equal theory of everything but it might be

explained by empathy and giving.  The building

blocks of our being is compassion  and giving.



Along these same lines, a Zig Zigler quote seems

to fit very well into this area and it means much

about how we approach life as well as how we can

approach our business within internet marketing.

“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.  You

will get all you want in life if you help enough other

people get what they want.”



Jonathan Haidt suggests that “caring for others is often

more beneficial than receiving help.  We need to interact

and intertwine with others; we need the give and take;

we need to belong.”



Arianna Huffington says: Compassionate empathy is a skill

we can nurture, and on that leads to action.  So this kind of

empathy we’re fueled by when we’re giving back — though

even the term “giving back” is misleading.  It implies that

service and volunteering are important only in terms of what

they do for the community or the recipient.  But just as important

is what they do for the giver or volunteer.  And the science on this

is as unambiguous as it is amazing.  Essentially, giving back is

a miracle drug (with no side effects) for health and well-being.”



Now, where does this all come in with an internet marketing

business anyway.  Technology has made it so we can be in

a world all by ourselves in front of the computer, disconnected

from the real world and think we are connected.  Take a look

at a college campus during a break session and you will see

many of the students on their cell phones or even on their

laptops without even paying attention to others around them.



This is where the reality of connection truly needs to be

worked on and become an asset rather than an obscure

idea of connection.  Sure you are either in connection with

someone or something but you can’t see the eyes or the

facial expressions that so much go along with true




Within our own organizations, we sometimes fail to

realize just how important the events are when they

allow us to shake hands, hug others within our

groups that we have only communicated with on

the internet.  True communications can usually only be

handled by direct contact.   Obviously, I don’t mean that

a good letter or a good email cannot be effective but it

still cannot take the place of that eye to eye contact.


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