The Internet Marketing Business

We all seem to be looking for that magic bullet.  You

know, that one program, that one certain idea or

solution that will catapult you to the top of your

company’s winning list.  That will be the day that

you find your way and everything after that will

be a bed of roses.



Isn’t this somewhat the way we would like our way

to be when we enter our internet business or even

when we enter “the winning numbers” at the local

store for the lotto picks.  When we enter those

lotto numbers, the reality of what we are doing

should be that it gives us a license to dream – and

that is all that it really is for most of the people

who enter the lotto.



This lotto mentality, with its overwhelming odds against

us, should not be the way we look at entering a business

on the internet.  The reality of having a business on the

internet is one of hard work (especially at first) and one

of learning the process, having the “sticktoitiveness” to

eventually make it work.



In most good programs or companies, there is going

to be a learning curve (wouldn’t you really understand

this?) and with this learning curve, there comes a need

for patience and persistence.  A good company will always

have the proper sequence, the proper tools and the mentors

to allow you the best way to proceed.



A good company or program will have these attributes in place

for anyone to see and understand:

1) Great leadership

2) A system that be easily duplicated

3) A program that doesn’t require you to be a computer genius

4) Members that are eager to help rather than in competition

5) Systematic presentation of the overall process of learning

6) A camaraderie atmosphere that makes one feel involved

7) A good compensation plan




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Best regards,

John C. Logan


I am 100% committed to your success and will help you in any way that I can, as this is a team approach.  You have to decide if you want your “why you want it” as badly as I did.  Once you make that decision, there will be no stopping you.

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Connect with me on my FACEBOOK PAGE

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