Hype and Celebration – Launches on The Internet

When there is a new launch on

the internet, each company has a tendency to try to outdo

any of the other companies that have preceded them with

launches.  This type of hype is quite natural, as each company

wants their launch to be the biggest and baddest.

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It seems like companies have to have

certain incentives to keep their prospects as well

as their members happy and fully invested in their

activities and promotions.



Hype and Celebration have been and should be

a part of every company’s promotions.  It is human

nature to get people in a big auditorium with lots of

great (pick me up) music and get them “in the mood”

for creating an atmosphere of excitement and togetherness.

This atmosphere is conducive to making people enjoy

being part of the bigger group – especially if the music

and the leaders are priming those to be involved.



I remember my first and Empower Network’s first

event in Atlanta and the excitement was wondering

what the Dave and Dave (the cofounders) were going

to do.  In front of me, was a middle aged couple, where

the women was excited and enthusiastic and the man

sat in his chair with his arms folded in somewhat of

an action of disdain.  Near the middle of the afternoon,

I noticed this man up and just as excited as his wife.



This is what events can do for you and with you – that

is, if you allowed them to do so.



Empower Network is launching an entirely new approach

to the marketing on the internet and it is a new launch, but

it also is going to open up new horizons that have never been

seen on the internet before.



Take all the complexities of WordPress and build a platform

around this that will be simple to use as a hub for your

business, any business.  From this platform, you will be

able to feed any of your present contents.  From one account

and one place, you will be able to send out multiple blogs and

you will be able to access many different areas.



And to make this even appealing, you can do all this from

your mobile device.  The world is moving towards mobile

devices and Empower Network is just showing you the way.

I can go on and on but you get the point.  It shows you how

you can run your business from your mobile device.



Check out this link:  CLICK HERE

It will allow you to get on a list to see the new exciting  platform

of Empower Network.  And if you want to learn more about

Empower Network and all the great reason why it is the best

program on the market and with the new platform, it just might

be the best launch that has happened on the internet.

 CLICK HERE.  Scroll all the way down to see all the things that

Empower Network offers.



If you have seen enough and realize that Empower Network is the

one company that offers all the ideas and marketing that you would

ever need, then just CLICK HERE   and you will find the one of the

best companies to be associated with.








John C. Logan

One of the good guys who really enjoys what he is doing – working

with  Empower Network and watching all the success going on!



I am 100% committed to your success and will help you in any way that I can, as this is a team approach.  You have to decide if you want your “why you want it” as badly as I did.  Once you make that decision, there will be no stopping you.

Work with me and we’ll change the world together: CLICK HERE

Connect with me on my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE

Connect with me on my FACEBOOK PAGE

Empower Network pays out 100% commissions and is one of the companies helping to create more 6 figure earners monthly than any other business in history.  Interestingly enough, many other companies are following suit to offer 100 % commissions because of its success. Take a look at this video and it will show you why it is happening.


“Enthusiasm is the very propeller of progress.”

B. C. Forbes


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