The Launching of the Beast – too much hype?

You might be aware of a new launch

dealing with Blog Beast or Blog Mode of the Beast or any similar

subject, but it is all above board and one of the cool things is that

it is very real.  Real enough to get one extremely excited about the

up and coming launch of a product that will change the way business

is done on the internet.

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When I suggested from the headline, are

we beating the beast too much, my answer would be a no.

No, because it is one of the most complete, one that compacts

your business to a point of having it all originate from one




Just imagine, having the ability to run your business

or businesses from one place without having to go all

over the place to find what you needed to do next in

another business that you had running online.



The new platform (Blog Beast) takes all the complexities

of WordPress and builds it’s platform around this.  This is

no bashing WordPress, for it is an amazing way for any of

us to communicate with others.  But what has been done,

the new platform just improves the way you will be able

to communicate and do many other things from this new




You will have the amazing ability to run your “business”

from just one place.  Just think, you will have a unique,

enterprising, forward thinking and just plain smart way

to over look all your business, whether it be one or multiple

make up of businesses.



You will be blown away by its clever approach and its

applications, but one thing still runs through the whole

process – it is very simple, yet complete to use and that

was the purpose of the upgrading the platform.



You can join this unique and very practical approach

to marketing on the internet but most of all, you can

have the ability to start something that will allow you

to pay the mortgage, buy a newer car, take some vacations

and do some of the things that you haven’t been able to

do, at least up till now.



You might ask, why should I think about joining this

program in the first place.  Everyone has their reasons,

but some of the best reasons that I know of are:  freedom,

freedom to do what I want, when I want and if I want.  Not

having to answer to a boss and taking time off because you

want to not when it fits into the schedule of the office.



How can I possibly do this when I am working full time

just to get by.  There are many members who started

this program part time around then found that they

could make as much money part time as they did working

full time.  Just think of what you can do if you quit your

J.O.B. and did this full time.



Take a look at what this company has available to its

members and what you might find a great match for

you.    CLICK HERE  and see the facts.  Make sure

your scroll all the way down to see all of the things






With the BLOG BEAST  being available in about two

weeks, you can get in ahead of the anticipated huge

crowd for only $25.  This allows you to see what the

program is all about and will get you into the program

before the launch of the new BLOG BEAST (interesting

name but very gentle in its approach).



If you feel you are ready to join our company and would

like to sign up now, just  CLICK HERE   and you can get

going for only the $25.  This just might be your beginning

into a total transformation into a life of rewards and enjoyment

that you never felt possible.  Believe me, it is possible and

you just have to take that first step.



If you think we are beating the beast too much, think again

as this is going to revolutionize the way business is done on

the internet and you could just be ahead of the game when

you join.








John C. Logan

One of the good guys who really enjoys what he is doing – working

with  Empower Network and watching all the success going on!


“Whatever the Mind of Man can Conceive and Believe, it can

Achieve.”    Napoleon Hill



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