Success – Is it from within?

Success – Is it from within?


Jim Rohn does it again when he says to work

on yourself. For things to change you have

to work on yourself. How many times have

we looked at a situation and felt that for

things to change, something had to change.

We rarely looked in the mirror and felt that

we needed to change. Our luck just had to

change by taking a different route to work,

or changing jobs because then things would

work out better and I could be much more





Jim Rohn suggests that maybe it was us that

needed to look in the mirror and see that

it was us that needed to change rather than

the circumstances around us. When we see

this in ourselves, then maybe “our luck”

would begin to change. But we all usually realize

that when we change many of the things

around us, we began to change because of our





This type of change from within is life

changing and exciting in seeing what the

world really looks like rather than through

rose colored glasses. This inside change

allows us the freedom to be who we are

rather than who we feel we should be.

What a exciting and exuberant feeling of release

when you can just be yourself. A sign that was

displayed on a bill board in front of a church said:

“Be yourself, all the others are taken”. This says

a lot.




Now this, just working on your thoughts and

ideas, you will be able to involve yourself in

ways that never happened before. You

will see yourself doing things that you never

allowed yourself to do in the past because

you never thought you could.




This attitude and this new found self can

be that person that can find that place that

was always there but never came out before.

The confidence that you have will allow you

to realize that the sky is the limit and it

is only a matter of time that you will be

successful in whatever area you want to pursue.

Many people who have thought the home based

business was not for them because they never

felt that they had the discipline or aptitude

to become involved.




There are many members of Empower Network that

felt they didn’t have the know how or ability to

begin something that would be life changing.

When they decided to do something about it and

join the other members, something magical happened.

They became comfortable in their own skin and

in turn, became very successful in this business

that started with 30 members and 10 months later

they have over 40,000 members that are becoming

the darlings of the internet marketing business

because they decided to look at themselves and

get out of that rut of not being able to do

the necessary things to make them independent

and comfortable in their new endeavor rather than

another JOB.




Why not let this be you and be the person you

have always wanted to be and allow you to do the

things that you know you are capable of doing.

Just do it! You will not disappoint yourself, in

fact you will be elated because this membership

is one of helping others rather than competing. It

is a whole new set of exciting circumstances.



Success – Is it from within? In many ways this is

where you begin!

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