Success – What is it really?

Success – what is it really?



Jim Rohn suggests that your philosophy

of life is what propels you to be

successful in what you do in your

lifetime. Too many people equate

success with money alone and if this

is your idea of success only, then

you might find success a very lonely

place to be.



Money can’t buy you the happiness

that you might be looking for but it

certainly can help in that pursuit of

a balanced life including having money

to do and help in the things you would

like to do.



Talking with a friend of mine this morning

about the fun of possibly winning the lotto,

we both felt that the fun would be in what

and how you would be able to help those

in more need than ourselves. In other words,

having that kind of money would allow us

to help someone through school, help some

of the families down in Appalachia, help

some of the people who have had hardships

and were really deserving of the help. Obviously

this kind of thought process might be hard,

mainly because of the tremendous odds of

winning the lotto. But when one puts their

efforts into the type of business that has the

potential of making a great deal of money,

the this kind of reality can certainly come

true. Dreams can be made into the reality

of doing all these things as well as helping

you and your family. The potential is

unlimited and the happiness of obtaining

these goals is beyond exciting.



You can put yourself in the arena of

the potential “lotto winner” and your

ability to help yourself and those you

truly care about is before you. How is

this possible? Just think of the people

who have made the internet their gem

and have done the “impossible” and made

a great deal of money by taking advantage

of a program that allows you the future of

doing all these things by paying attention

to some simple rules and following some

simple instructions because two guys

decided that their dreams could come

true by setting up this program that

almost runs on auto pilot. They started

with 30 members on the last of October

in 2011 and now have over 40,000

members 10 months later that pays

100% commissions and have already

paid out over 10 millions dollars to their

members. If this sounds like someone

that would interest you, then just head to

Empower Network and see how all these

members have become so successful in

such a short period of time and has the

potential to help you also.



Success – What is it really?

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