Successful – Versus not as Successful

Successful – Versus not as Successful


Eric Worre,  possibly the most prolific

YouTube presenter in the internet marketing

arena,  gives his take on how successful

people seem to operate versus those that

are not as successful.



He suggests that successful people seem to

fire first and then works things out later as far as

the ready and aim sequence.  In other words,

I believe he is suggesting that too many people

spend way to much time getting ready to get

involved with a program rather than just taking

action and doing.



David Swartz suggests: “Life is too short to

waste.  Dreams are fulfilled only through action,

not through endless planning to take action.”

Myself included from the past, I wanted to make

sure everything was in place and in the right

pile before I felt I could take the correct action

in subscribing to the “perfect” program or company.

When I decided to get into the “right” company

before I had all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed,

then I really started the process to success.



Any good program or company takes some

preparation before you get involved but it is

the over preparation that holds many of us

up.   I found that when I saw a successful

business and did some research, that the

sooner I became involved, the better I progressed

within my company.  The point I am trying to

make is don’t spend all your time getting ready

when much of the learning is done after you

have joined a successful venture.



There are many excellent and very involved

programs that allow you to proceed at your

own pace.  Programs that have you set your

own goals and work with these goals but at

the same time mentor you with any steps

that are necessary are becoming the successful

companies of the present and the future.



Three things that you need to consider when

joining a company or program are:

1. Find a mentor that gives you the necessary

help and support in getting to where you

need to be.

2. Join a mastermind group that can give you

support as well as critique your ideas and

plans. (all within your chosen company)

3. Get people around you that are in the same

position that you are and can help by pushing

and pulling each other to success.  You do not

have to reinvent the process because successful

entrepreneurs have already blazed the trail for




If you really want to follow your dreams and be able

to do the things that you have always wanted to, you

just need to view all the successes of many entrepreneurs

that have used the internet to fulfill their dreams.   Those

of being your own boss, waking up when you want and

taking those vacations that you have always wanted to

but couldn’t because you didn’t have the time nor the




Success comes in cans, failure in can’ts.  There is absolutely

no reason you can’t do internet marketing because those

in front of you just decided to “Just do It”  even though

they knew very little about using the computer and very

little about marketing.  They became successful because

they just decided to get out of their rut and do it.



Successful – Versus not as Successful   There is very

little distance between being successful and not.


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