Think and Grow What?

Do we really feel that by just thinking

we can grow rich?   This most popular book written by

Napoleon Hill back in the “dark ages” of 1960  has become

one of the most popular books in the self help arena as

well as within the Internet Marketing Community.

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The Book, Think and Grow Rich was a product of

a mission set out by Mr. Hill that was suggested by

Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men in America.


Mr. Carnegie disclosed his formula to Napoleon  Hill

to use and Mr. Hill spent the rest of his life doing

research utilizing this formula.  Then he passed

this formula of the personal achievement of

Andrew Carnegie onto other fortunate individuals.



This book: “Think and Grow Rich” is mainly a

what to do and how to do it book that is full

of very practical and important ideas on the

way to actually become wealthy.


Unfortunately, sometimes the title of the book

has a tendency to turn some people off by their

thinking that it is a book that shows you how

to get rich only.  It is far more than that as

it was a book written in a country that had just

come out of a depression and people needed

more than ever to believe and understand

how to stay out of poverty.




Think and Grow rich is a condensation

of a larger volume of a compilation of an eight volume

“Law of Success”  written in 1928 by Napoleon Hill.


Any book that has in its title, rich or wealthy or

anything similar, is bound to be popular but this

amazing book has sold over 15 million copies.




Napoleon Hill was given access to many of his

contemporary successful wealthy individuals,

as Mr. Carnegie had given Mr. Hill letters of

introduction to many of these people.




Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and F.W. Woolworth

were just some of the wealthy entrepreneurs of his

day that Napoleon Hill had interviewed and trying

to find out their formula for getting rich.




Think and Grow Rich has at its core, a

mental relationship between faith, desire

and action.  Hill explained that Mr. Carnegie

had faith, desire, imagination and a persistence

to make the United States Steel Company

the richest company during its time.




This book goes far beyond the idea that money

is the main topic.  Hill felt that rich meant having

quality relationships, good working relationships,

a good family life and a spiritual harmony.

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Hill also suggests that most great leaders were

excellent followers before they became great

leaders.  He felt that we needed to learn to

serve before we can achieve.




Doesn’t this resonate with what is being taught

within the halls of the internet marketing community,

that we have to learn to serve others and help others

get what they need and want before we can achieve a

a real level of proficiency.

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One of the reasons that this book resonates so well

within the members of different internet companies

is that it explains the real necessary needs to achieve

success within any environment.



This book is full of many ways and ideas that

transcends into many byproducts that are far

more than just money.

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Having the red hot desire, the faith, the persistence

and then having the action to carry this all out are

the necessary ingredients for success and eventual





With all this in mind, you have to sincerely take a

long and hard look at what certain companies offer

you within the internet community.  What do they

offer you, so you might be able to join the successes

of those on the internet.




One company continues to stand out in its effort

to offer you the ability to become successful and

very successful if you are willing to heed the

messages of Napoleon Hill – having a desire, the

faith and the action to carry it out.





John C. Logan

One of the good guys who really enjoys what he is doing – working

with Empower Network and watching all the successes going on!



Any Questions?   Send me an email and I’ll try to give you the scoop.

Email:  [email protected]



“There are no limitations to the mind except those

we acknowledge.  Both poverty and riches are

the offspring of thought”   Napoleon Hill




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