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There are many principles for utilization within the Internet Marketing Community.  I am going to discuss three of them that might be of importance to you and any other entrepreneurs that might use the internet for communication.  There are many more that might just be applicable but we will confine our comments to three of them.


The areas that we will discuss will be: Discoverability, Visibility and Density.  Ian Lurie in an article published in the “Internet Marketing” used these terms to discuss an approach to how you can become more apparent in your internet marketing.

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Discoverability – it is about being found on the internet and people finding your site but in a different concept.  It is about people finding the scent of a trail that will lead to your site. If people cannot find you, then it is like having a great Halloween Costume and no one sees you.  People are looking for value on your site.  They are looking for that something that you have to offer but they need to be able to find you.


Are you easy to find on the internet and do you have many places that they might find your material?  Are you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Squidoo and even on the Search Engines radar?  It is their experiences with your brand or your company and how they feel about this interaction that can be the turning point.


Build a great path to your front door and then people can find you but this is only the beginning of your marketing.

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Visibility – when you have an eye catching ad or material that literally stands out from the rest of the field.  You have a unique approach to a relatively simple ad or a simple blog.  Visibility is a very important concept in marketing.  Look at the facebook ads and one might standout to you more than the rest.  It might also be the mood or the feelings that you have at the time, that makes is more appealing to you.  You might relate to one of the ads because you have similar thoughts about what is seems to say.


Visibility is about targeting or how one might feel about the picture or the phrasing of the ad that they can relate to.  Visibility is driven by usability and navigation.  You might be able to find the site but what you find on the site might not have importance to you, so it lacks visibility to you. Discovery get you seen but having value at the same time gets you visibility – which in turn gets you a longer look.

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Density – provides that something of what’s next.   Visibility puts the message out there so it stands out whereas density allows you to put information out there a little at at time – letting people understand things as they go along.  The would be called layering.


Apple does an excellent job in their advertisements utilizing density, especially with any new device that in being introduced to the public.  Look at their ads and you will see you they give you information in the beginning and you can move down the ad and see more.  Then if you want to learn more, you click on this area and can learn a whole lot more.


Density is what people want to learn when they dig deeper for wherever they started their investigation.


Lurie came up with a formula that suggests:

Discoverability get you seen.

Discoverability + Immediate Value = Visibility

Visibility + Knowledge availability = Density

Discoverability + Visibility + Density = Customers


This is a different way to look at the way we present our material on whatever site we might have but it also shows why it is so important to get our material viewed and digested.


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