Lifestyle Construction or Reconstruction Utilizing Your Blog

  • Reframing of your lifestyle might simply mean that you are taking stock of where you are now and where you want to be…..

…enough to make you realize what it really takes to live the kind of lifestyle that you want to live when you decide to take action.

David Wood talks about the exact sales numbers it really takes in an online business to get the results that you want.

This is what he says:

“I’ve always told people to just ‘get 2 a day’.

Because when you’re selling a low ticket product like a $25 blogging system, it’s extremely easy to make 2 sales a day…

…and with a system that has value-based upsells; making 6 figures isn’t all that hard to do from a base of 2 $25 customers/day.

What I want you to do after watching this video is ‘construct your income’.

Ask yourself how much does your dream lifestyle really cost?

Look online, search the Internet and find out how much it really costs to live that kind of lifestyle.

Next, break down the monetary fingure into daily earnings, how much do you really need to make per day?

Then ask yourself what it takes in daily production to create that income, yourself.

Here’s the the ‘art of income construction‘, in 5 easy steps.

1. What do you really want to make?

2. How much per day?

3. How many sales do you need to make in your business per day to generate that amount?

4. How many upgrades do you need to get from those sales?

5. How many leads and visitors do you need to generate each day to create that many front-end sales?

Watch the video, construct your income and make a plan, because by now you know it’s easy to create the kind of lifestyle you want to live, when you decide to take action now and get to the events.

Love ya,

– David Wood”

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video that David Wood talks about looking at your lifestyle.

Re-Construction of Your Life and Lifestyle


This is the continual construction of your life and your lifestyle and what it can do for the rest of your life.   David Wood continues on his series of videos that gives you a real inside look at what he himself has done to turn his life totally around – from living in an old van to making $150,000 a month by just following the steps that he continues to outline in his videos.


He and his co-founder David Sharpe have both come from circumstances in life that anything might be a step up but they did it with a determination and a vision that they set out to accomplish.  They founded Empower Network with a vision to help other marketers apply a simple formula to build their own businesses and reduce their learning curve.


Within a two year period, they have helped other members, as well as themselves to  build a company that has over 150,000 members, have paid out 100% commissions to a tune of around $75 Million.  Their mission is not just to be comfortable with their early successes but to take this company to newer heights and newer horizons that will encompass continually updated products as well as new ways in which to do business on the internet.


Their recent $2 Million updating of the blogging platform has made this platform one of the best if not the best ways in which to do business, online or offline.  It is designed with the ease of allowing anyone, yes anyone in business to run their business from their PC, their laptop or even their mobile device. The mobile device and the fact that they are very mobile allows you to run your business from anywhere you would like to as long as there is service in that area – and there are fewer and fewer areas that do not have service world wide.


Hard to believe that only a few short years ago, there wasn’t even the hand held device but nowadays, it is hard to walk down the street or even be in your automobile and not see someone using their cell phone.


I have given you some information concerning the actual company and how it might do business but haven’t told you much about the products that are alive within Empower Network.  I would be hard pressed to not say that these are some of the best available in the profession of Internet Marketing.  Most of the learning modules are done by the successful members within Empower Network so this makes it even more practical in terms of how it is done.


The company began with four and then five different modules and now have seven different modules in which the company bases its learning process. Each and every one of them have been continuously updated on a regular basis – this allows all of us to be well informed of the latest ideas and thoughts that are being taught by the members.  Of course both Daves do a lot of teaching in their own right and do an excellent job of making our learning curve much shorter than theirs were.


Each of the modules are set up to give you the best information that is available and if something new comes along, it will be implemented if it is felt it would be of value to the members. The different modules are as follows:

1)    Viral Blogging Platform

a. This is the meat and potatoes of blogging, a platform that allows you to run a business, any business from your blogging platform within Empower Network.  You can run your business utilizing this $25 blogging platform from any place in the world utilizing your laptop or mobile device.

2)    Inner Circle

a. This is a weekly series of broadcasts either done by Dave or        Dave or one of the members of Empower Network

3)    Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive

a.This is a series of videos and content that is taken from some of the mastermind groups within Empower Network and is very descriptive of how things are approached.  They were done down in Costa Rica where David Wood lives his freedom lifestyle (wherever he wants to.

4)     $15K Formula

a. a series of videos and text that shows you how to get your business to the $15K per month.

5)    Masters Course.

a. this is a course that is taken from the mastermind courses that only the top earners are available and it is down in Costa Rica (where David Wood lives.

6)    Media Hosting

a. This is a hosting program with Empower Network that simply allows you to do your own videos and then are hosted by Empower Network.

7)    Viral Blogging Academy

a. This is a series of intensive videos that the Daves put together to explain exactly the route that they took to become successful in the internet marketing business.

8)    Affiliate Training

a. This is basically the core values of what Empower Network is all about and would be at the beginning of the whole process because it lays the ground work for our direction.


Some of the members had never made any money at all or very little money before they became involved with Empower Network because this is exactly why Empower Network was first devised by David Wood and David Sharpe – a need for a simple way to allow potential internet marketers to get involved and make money.  Simple as that!!


Take a look at what Dave Sharpe’s thoughts are and what Empower Network is involved with.  Click here and take a look.  No obligation but rather a chance to see more of what Empower Network is all about.


If you feel you are ready to join and see what the blogging platform is all about, all it takes is $25 to get started.  If this isn’t for you (which I doubt you will find a better solution to your issues) then no problem, you money can be returned in a certain period of time.  I am sure you will find it a great company with a great approach. Just click here and join.


Believe in Yourself



John C. Logan

One of the guys who thoroughly enjoys all the successes that go on within

Empower Network.


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