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The entrepreneur seems to have a whole different set of ideas and passions that the “ordinary student” doesn’t seem to have.  This is the idea set forth by a couple of men that have studied this field for sometime in the preparation of books that they have written or studies that they have been involved in.


Cliff Michaels and George Zalucki both have done their research and have found that many times the student is not ready for the real world of work and that they are not competent in things like communication skills, creative thinking, humility, integrity, gratitude, focus and time management.  Now there might be other areas that you feel either they have or they don’t but this is a beginning of ideas that might need to have more attention paid to.


There is some question that our students are not as well prepared as they should be for the real world of getting a job after their formal schooling is finished. There is always the question as to whether or not the teachers are paid sufficiently and that they only “work” for 9 months of the year.  I would always think that if someone feels a teacher doesn’t work very hard, it might be a good idea to have them sit in a class and teach the class for a week and then I think you would find a whole different attitude with the previous dissenter.


I am one of those individuals that feels very strongly that a good teacher is worth their weight in gold.  There is also a whole other feeling that many of these skills are ones that should be taught at home and not necessarily at school.  I think many times how a student performs in school might be a reflection as how he/she does things at home.


Both Michaels and Zalucki felt that there might need to be more attention in school paid to providing some very practical approaches to everyday solutions such as knowing how to use a checkbook, how to balance the checkbook, how to figure out the cost of things on a bulk basis compared to a single basis.  The practical approach to driving a car and how to figure out miles per gallon might be another practical approach.  I know that many of the newer cars, have this all figured out for you now – but you get the picture.  Were we learning enough essentials to go into the competitive environment of the job market?


It amazes me when standing in a line at a fast food restaurant, I try to figure out the cost of our meal and the tax and have the right change ready for the cashier.  They can’t figure out how I did that  —  is that practical or way too much to expect.  You might as well do something with your brain while you’re waiting for your meal.  It also points out a solution that the fast food franchises figured out a long time ago, have a cash register that figures out the change and then you won’t have so many mistakes and it will go faster.


Entrepreneurs are more concerned with the doing rather than the data.  They are concerned with what if, why not, what worked and what didn’t.  They had an inquisitive mindset, one that would try to leverage mentors and resources.  They have a love for learning and an appetite for knowledge.


Michaels suggested that there are four essentials of entrepreneurial thinking.

1)    Life skills

– they define success and happiness by their

standards not by the standards of others.

– they embrace change and like challenges

– are in a constant rethinking mode


2)    Taking Action

– understanding what their passions are

all about, even knowing their own limits

–  how well do they listen

–  self discovery is a big part but then fill in

the gaps by having others involved

– hard goal action –

– strategies and execution

– asking how they can take action


3)    Core Values

– skills and projects have to align with core values

– integrity – true sportsmanship, humility,

gratitude, tolerance

– give people an environment to be creative

– humility – when we know what we don’t

know, then they can focus

– unique ability to know what we know and

then know what to delegate


4)    Purpose

– why we do what we do – people will buy

why you can do something more than how you do it

– living your passion –  if you wake up every

day with your passion, that’s a purpose, that

will drive you to succeed

– giving and contribution is one of the big social principles



Why are we doing it?  So we can have a happy, more successful life with the people who matter the most, our family and friends and when we expand that to our community and our members then this is when the full happiness fills in.


An entrepreneur would have to have an achiever’s mindset – he doesn’t believe in any one thing.  When he puts love and passion together and has the humility to delegate and be adaptable and welcomes change – wow what a combination for success.


This is where the whole idea of a job and if your are prepared for such might be a pleasant surprise.  Many have put their expertise to work and have learned to improve their mindset while on the job – the job of an internet marketer.


Here is a video that I share that shows what one might be able to do and at the same time work on their mindset.  Now you might say, I don’t need any mindset changes – that might certainly be the case and I am not questioning that what so ever, I am just suggesting that we all can better understand our own approaches to what we did and what we are doing and what we expect to do.  Along with this, it allows us an opportunity to exam some things that might just make our experiences that much easier and that much better.  That is certainly up to you.



Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

It is not what I want from you but rather what I want for you!







John    (John C. Logan)

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