What Are We Really Looking For In A Job?

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What are we looking for in a job?

In our life time we might continue to look for that ultimate dream job that we have been searching for all our lives.  Is it attainable or are we just spitting in the wind?


I remember while in college, there was this friend of mine that started freshman year when I did but I did find out that he has already done some work in summer school prior to our freshman year to get ready for a course that he had predetermined.  His father was a physician and he was going to be a physician and so he set his compass in the direction of how to get there and as quickly as possible.


He continued his schooling in summer school before and during his regular semesters and then after two years of school so he would have the proper credits and proper courses to allow him to enter medical school after the two years of intensive studies.  Now he did get into medical school and practiced medicine and still was at our last reunion and was seemingly very happy at what he was doing.  But my question is this: did he enjoy it or was his mission so intense that he didn’t have time to enjoy it?


We speak of the destination and the journey

involved in getting to the destination and most of us realize that the journey getting there is where the true enjoyment lies.  Are we too busy in our chosen niche to enjoy the journey along the way.


In this contemporary lifestyle, we begin to wonder if there is too much to try to conquer because of all the distractions along the way.  What does it take for us to get on the main track and succeed at what we thought we wanted to be successful at in the first place.  Have you changed your major or your course of learning to better fit your interests or was it done for you.


In a relatively small liberal arts college, many students enter the freshman class as premed students.  After the first semester or first year, inorganic chemistry seems to change the minds of many students or their course was changed for them.  Then it was time for these students (many of them were good students) to figure out exactly what they wanted to become (in their real life).


This is when the time is important to truly take a good look at what your interests are and what your likes and dislikes  might be.  I relate this to any area of education (whether formal or informal) in school or out of school, high school, college or graduate school.  It makes no difference.  One does not have to go to college to become successful in business or any other form of occupation but it does help in certain professions – like medicine, law or teaching.


When we refer to successful, does it always mean financial?  I would hope not but this might seem to be the major comparison factor that is used.   Certainly in the profession of Internet Marketing, one seems to compare success with the bank account.  While this seems like a logical gauge of success, I would think delving into this further might be interesting.


Some people struggle for years looking for that one job, one business or that one enlightening  moment that fits them to a tee.  Their values, their lifestyle and their knowledge as well as their purpose all seem to fit in proper alignment with this business.  Is this possible?


Napoleon Hill was famous for his book:’Think and Grow Rich”.  He didn’t like this title at first but his publisher felt the book would sell better.   He had taken some time to write this book because it was an accumulation of about 20 years of work that Mr. Andrew Carnegie had requested he do.  The so called formula that Mr. Hill researched and wrote about has been responsible for many people becoming very rich, money wise.


This book is mainly a what to do and how to do it book and encapsulates this amazing formula that was 20 years in the making. The main ingredient that you have to supply is the reason WHY!


If you why is big enough, then there is absolutely no reason why you can not succeed if you are willing to do the work involved.  Mozart, Einstein, Picasso were all geniuses in their own right but each one of them worked very hard to attain the status that they were given. This might just be the ingredient that separate they true geniuses from the also rans – hard work.


Too many people who get into Internet Marketing might think that by just follow a few rules and getting on the coat tails of some leaders, they will get rich quickly.  This probably couldn’t be farther from the truth because it does take work and hard work but if you can follow instructions and spend the time in learning the process, there are many very good programs that will allow you this avenue.


The ability to make a very good living, the freedom of working when you want to work and if you want to work, traveling the world and having friends that have the same values that you have can be yours for the taking – when you do the work.  Many of the successful entrepreneurs, once they get their business set up, can run much of their business or businesses on autopilot.  This is when they get to choose much of their future, rather than being chosen by their bosses.


An amazing lifestyle if this is what might interest you.  Just think, going to your children’s play in the middle of the afternoon or going to a baseball game or a recital in the evening because you can – that is what this profession is all about.


Empower Network is one of those companies that seems to exist because of how they set up their business to be user friendly and many of their learning modules have been done by their successful members – so the learning process is easy but does take work.  Is it worth it – wow just ask some of the members who never made anything in internet marketing before they got started with E.N.


Take a look by CLICKING HERE.  You are not under any obligation to do anything if that is where you want to stop but after seeing this video, you might just decide that this is what I have been looking for.


Believe in Yourself  –  The Shortest Route to Success!


John         (John C. Logan)

One of the guys who really enjoys watching all the successes going on within Empower Network and watching members get so excited as what they are able to do.

Check my facebook page and ask me any questions that might help you.

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