Internet Marketing – Are You Stuck?

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Do you find yourself stuck in the Mud?  In other words,

if you are online, in the internet marketing arena, do you

sometimes feel like you are the only one that can’t get this

stuff going while sitting by and watching everyone else

seemingly being very successful?



Are you trying to master everything

at once and nothing seems to work except you becoming

increasingly frustrated with what you have at hand?

Have you bought every program out there that you thought was

going to solve your problems and find that it did nothing but add to

the confusion.



This is not unusual when you first begin your aspirations to

become an online marketer.  Many of the leaders today as well

as many of the leaders even before the computer became the

vehicle of choice, have said time and time again –  pick one way

to market and master that technique.  If you try to do too many

things at once, you will just become overwhelmed and lose your

vision as to where you want to go.

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The jack of all trades might work in a plumbing business, but

when it comes to an online business and especially when you

are just beginning or are relatively new, it usually will stiffen

you by confusing you and you will normally lose your clarity of




Those individuals who fail are usually the ones you feel that they

need to know everything before they can even start.  Even a well

trained surgeon needs to start somewhere before he can literally do

his first surgery on a patient.  He will usually train under a mentor

(another surgeon) and then gradually become confident to do surgery

on his own.  (Simplistic yes, but you get the point).



Every leader in the internet marketing community will usually

suggest to you:  Pick one method of marketing to become good

at and begin marketing before you have mastered it.

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Within the internet marketing community, there are some very good

programs that can help you get to where to want to go but many

times at the beginning, we really don’t have  much of a clue at to

what and where we might want to go to get there.



This uncertainty is not unusual, especially at first but one company

seems to be set apart from the others.  The reason it was formed in

the first place was because  three individuals marketers found

themselves continuing to seek out answers that didn’t seem to be

easily retrieved or if they were able to find anything it was with a

great deal of effort and time on their part.



These three individual marketers got together and realized a big

void in the market place to help other marketers find a common

place to see and learn the process of marketing as well as other

pertinent educational ideas and thoughts.


MLSP (My Lead System Pro) was organized and before long, almost

every leader in the marketing arena realized just how important

their foundation and educational messages was, so they joined

without any hesitation because they knew that this void existed

and they wanted a quicker, easier and better way to do their




Check out this website of MLSP and if you like it, there are many

ways to join.  There is even a try out period for you to see what they

offer and you can view everything within the website.  MLSP is not a

business operation (biz-op) but it is a learning platform that opens up

the whole spectrum of what is available on the internet and how you

can best work your magic by utilizing their very understandable




MLSP has recently allowed you to get 100% commissions by giving

other potential marketers the chance to get involved and this is great

but the main point of MLSP is to allow you to get involved,

understand the process and take action.



If this makes sense to you, please let me know by sending

me your thoughts and feelings.


Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!







John     (John C. Logan)

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