Resolutions Or Goals – How Do We Keep Them?

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This time of the year, we go through that yearly period of grace in which we promise to change our ways and “next year it will be different”.  Well, this year is gone and next year is here, so right now is when you put the new beginning into place or your new ideas and thoughts that you have thought about.  Does this work, probably not because the statics show that close to 95% of New Year’s Resolutions fail.  Why, mainly because they (the resolutions) are not taken seriously enough.


How do we approach this whole idea of making resolutions.  The word resolution means having a firmness or a determination or even to analyze.  But the term we hear all the time at this end of the year, is one of resolutions, “have you made your resolutions for the new year?”  This is almost taken with a grain of humor along with it because so many people say they have new resolutions but then never seem to follow through with most of them.



Wouldn’t it be better to change the formulation of what actually we are trying to accomplish, setting a real life, life changing goal that is looked at as real and not just something to slough off as though it were dandruff on your black sweater.


There is a real movement within the internet marketing community to truly think about change but change that encompusses a whole new outlook on things from the inside out.  What to change?, then the best way is to undertake an internal revision of your overall thought process as how you envision the immediate world around you.


We all have our view on how things are going or how things around us effect us and how we react to them.   But the real test in your overall niche of mindset comes after you have realize how you used to react to things and how your are reacting to things now.  “Things” just means any reaction that you have to uncomfortable actions or reactions or even the positive reaction to certain situations.  It is how you interpret the situation that truly determines your reaction or feelings that you have in response to an uncomfortable situation.

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Goals that are seriously intended to change your attitude towards certain situations in the long run, are ones that allow you to view a position with a different set of eyes.  Does this happen overnight, in most cases no. Usually for a goal or a change in habit, it takes around 21 days to 1 month to fully see and understand the changes.


Some people will look at this as pure hogwash, and that is fine if that is they way they want to look at it.  But those who truly want to make some changes will find the time and effort to implement a setting of a goal or habit that can change the outcome of any accomplishment.


Larry Hochman does an excellent job of having the people he works with examine what they really need and might want (even though they might not be aware of it).  Larry promotes finding self-love, self respect and a sense of adventure as the building blocks to getting what you really want (and what you might really need).


The internet marketing community (at least when one is beginning) might need an adjustment of where they are going and what they are doing, but it is the why that usually ends up being the biggest goal changing maneuver for many of the marketers.  In other words, having a good reason for doing why you are doing the changes makes the process that much more compelling to do it.


Goals are an aim or a purpose, whereas when we view goals in comparison to resolutions, goals are much more concrete in their basic understanding – that is, if you are wanting a long term solution to a apparent problem, the goal just seems to have that edge compared to a resolution.


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Much success in the New Year.






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