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Looking at the World from the inside

out seems like a confusing statement but it holds a lot more true understanding when you examine just how most of us view the world compared to understanding the world.

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Our view from our own point of view might just

be somewhat different than what other people look at the same thing or the same ideas.  We look at a beautiful winter scene and some might think of only the ice and snow and all the troubles that it brings rather than the beauty of the actual scene.  So in this one scenario, one person might look at this with only the problems that it brings while another might look at the beauty it brings all by itself as well as all the things that you can do with the snow.


Dr. Carol Dweck, a world famous psychologist from Stanford University  seemed to be the first to have coined the word, Mindset.

One of her best quotes, at least I feel this way, is: “Becoming is better than being”.  I think simply stated this means that changing your mindset, you continue to grow into the person that you can be.


Phil Jackson, one of the most successful coaches in any sport, won 11 championships in his coaching days.  He was asked the question: “When you discuss leadership from the inside out, what do you mean?”.  His answer was: “You have to speak what you believe.  You have to say what you know from experience – intellectual, visceral and intuitive.”


Ray Higdon, a very successful online internet marketer has a audio series dealing with mindset.  He felt it a very necessary series because he found that many of the people that he has talked with that are in the internet marketing arena, were confused as to where they needed to be and where they needed to go.  Many felt that they didn’t have the ability to become successful, either in internet marketing or in any business.  This is why Ray felt it necessary to allow people to change their mindset and this would in turn allow them to see themselves  becoming successful with some changes in their mindset.


There are basically two types of mindset that we will look at as far as trying to interpret what they mean.  One is a fixed mindset and the other one is a growth mindset.  A fixed mindset is one that is focused on judging either yourself or judging others.  Whereas a growth mindset is one that concentrates on the learning and having constructive actions – looking at things with a attitude of improvement.


Here are four things that should help in changing ones internal thoughts from one of  judging to one of a growth oriented mindset.

1) Learn to listen to your fixed mindset.

This means  pay attention to what your negative thought process       is continually helping you to rationalize your present state of mind.       Listen to that voice in your head that continues to give you all kinds     of reason why you can’t do it.

2) Determine and be aware that you do have a choice.

How you take criticism, failures, and challenges is a choice you can        make.  You can look at it with a fixed mindset or your can look at it      with a growth mindset, this is your choice.  The outcome can  be          determined just by your mindset.

3) When you are confronted by a challenge, talk back to it with a growth mindset.

This little twist in your thinking can make all the difference in the         success of any project or any business.

4)   Learn to take the action of a growth minded mindset.

If you continue to put this into action, looking at things with a               growth mindset, is your choice but it will pay big dividends.                   Make sure you listen to both sides and practice utilizing the                   growth mindset.


There is no question that a good positive mindset can be a big asset in business but it pays big dividends when you actually take it into your personal life and watch it pay even bigger dividends.  You can look at this as a bunch of monbo jumbo but studies have proven time and time again that this does work.


“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”     —  Napoleon Hill —


Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

To your success…….


John      (John C. Logan)



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