Are You Making These Mistakes In Internet Marketing?




Mistakes that might be holding you back!


Noah St. John found himself living in the basement of his folks home and didn’t see much concerning his future.  He then felt that he had had enough and decided to do something about it.  He set out on a trail to read as much as he could in the area of self improvement and mindset.  These are some of the ideas that he came up with, after much reading and studying about how people seem to fail when them get into business, whether it be on the internet or in a brick and mortar business.


There are seven mistakes that he discusses

in one of his videos and we will go over each one of these in detail to better understand the feelings and conserns that one might feel.


1) Not believing in yourself    –  this is much more common among individuals who want to build a business but just don’t have enough confidence as to whether or not they can do it.  They waver back and forth and instead of reading and studying about the ins and outs of starting and running a business or even learning the process from people who know, they continue to  wonder whether or not they can actually do it.  Sometimes it just comes down to saying:  that is enough, I am going to do it!

2) Not having a good support system or none at all   having your family and friend be in support of what you are doing is very important to undertaking a business either online or offline.  But this certainly does not have to be a factor if your why is big enough.  That means if you want something badly enough, there should be no stopping you in your pursuit.  Too many times we let the little things get in our own way but again if you truly want something then your attitude and drive should be enough to make it successful.

3) Fear of Failure – a perfectionist might just have a hard time with getting into the online internet marketing venue, at least at first until we learn the process of ACTION that is so necessary before everything is in place to begin.  The old paralysis by analysis approach can very much be a factor in your success if you let it take over.  Almost every leader in this arena of internet marketing will tell you that you need to take action as you are learning the process.

There is also the idea of not wanting to fail and consequently you continue to put things off until you never get started or your start is half-hearted so you will fail for not doing anything or enough.  This is much more prevalent than one can imagine, the fact that I might fail anyway so let’s not even start.

4) Fear of Success –  for almost the same reasons for not wanting to fail, when one does succeed then what?  What do I do next if I really get this going.  This certainly is a place where learning the process and and what to do when you assemble a team is very important.

5) Not being well organized   – this can be a problem when you attempt to keep things filed and organized as to where to find all the material that is necessary to “run a business”.  Being overwhelmed on a regular basis can be a big factor in not being organized.  Fortunately this can be a learned habit and one that can work but it will take some time working on the organizational behavior.  

6)Not having an effective strategy – this also is a habit that will take some time to work with and through but one that can be learned.  Now obviously some people are always going to be better prepared for a good strategy but that doesn’t mean it cannot be accomplished. Examples of this might be working on the wrong things rather than the things that are profit producing activities (PPA).  A good mentor can be one to offer some good advice on a good strategy.

7) Not taking appropriate ACTION – there is always the tendency to procrastinate and we all have to learn how to make direct actions that we be beneficial.  By waiting, it can cause you to lose an account or not gain the right members in your business.


There are plenty of books and plenty of forums or Google material to help you in any of these areas.  Too many people feel that getting into the internet marketing arena is easy.  It can be but it takes work and the proper attitude to realize there will be failures and bumps in the road but in the long run, if you stick to it, it will pay big dividends.  The dividends will not only be monetary but the benefits to you and your mindset will be amazing.  This is just a plain fact, that is if you want it badly enough!

One company that helps put this altogether and gives you a real head start in any business because they help organize all the things that are necessary to run your business but they give you an amazing amount of training in every area that you can think.  This company has helped more leaders get their start and maintain their edge in business.     CLICK to take a look.  When you see all that they offer you, then you might want to look at this LINK  to see how to get started if that is what you are interested in doing.
Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

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