Self Limiting Doubts or Better Yet, I Know I Can Do It!

I was listening to a Mp3 while on the treadmill this morning that Dave Wood had recorded.   He was talking about reticular activity that had something to do with the brain.  He wasn’t trying to impress us, but rather getting to the meat of what he was explaining – that this part of the brain controls much of the functions of the human and how it effects our activities, both consciously or unconsciously.






We look at each other and wonder, what the devil was he talking about?  Don’t worry it is just the activity portion of the brain that exercises influence over our thinking, our learning and our remembering things.  Dave Wood was making a point of the difference between knowing you can do something as opposed to just thinking you might be able to do it.


There is a learning process that we can approach by teaching ourselves to look at things from a positive point of view rather than a negative way.   For instance, if you continue to look at yourself with the mindset that you’re going to be successful in your marketing endeavor and you really believe it then there is no reason why this won’t be true.  George Zalucki calls it “White Hot Desire”.


Dave Wood says you have to believe it and that means no BS, that you have to believe that it is going to happen or that it has already happened.  You can’t just go along half way thinking this might work if I give a little bit of effort.  Again, George Zalucki says: “You need a passionate desire to make a difference in your life.”

Red Hot desire




Sometime you might wake up in the morning and say:  okay, this is the day I am going to do what I have to do to make it work.  This is fine and that certainly is a start but it has to have that white hot passionate desire  to really make your business succeed.


How do you do it?  This is what Dave Wood was talking about – you truly have to have that desire and it might not hit you with that lightening strike but it certainly is something you can work on with the proper mindset and let nothing get in your way – no excuses, no reasoning that someday, somehow I might just get there.  Just decide that this is the day and this is the beginning of a new era and then JUST DO IT!


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  1. GREAT article John that so many home business owners really need to read. One must truly believe what he/she is doing IS going to work.

    Love it!

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