Surrender To The Purpose!



When we were kids, we usually didn’t have a worry in the world. You played hard and you didn’t have any worries about who you were going to play with as you had no judgments about anyone.


You lived as though everything was just plain magical and when you fell down trying to walk, you got right back up and tried it again until you got it right.


When we grew up, we seemed to have lost that magical feeling that everything was great and lost the spirit of what our childhood was all about.  We had many teachers or family members during our growing up period that tried to help us look at things in a positive way.


But unfortunately there was also the influence of those who said we couldn’t do it or we just didn’t have what it took to succeed. It may have been a parent or a friend that continued to give us that advice that we just couldn’t do it.  Just look in the mirror and you will probably find 10 times more things wrong with you then the positive things about you.  That seems to be human nature.


When we became adults, we carried with us many of the ideas and thoughts that seemingly were incidental but as we would find out, they carried much more weight than we had ever realized.  It was up to us then to find out what may have gone wrong and then try to right the ship.


We could tell ourselves stories about all the things that went wrong, why you didn’t start a job today, well tomorrow I am going to change, I am going to read that book starting next week, and so on.  You need to be aware of the stories you continue to tell yourself and then take responsibility for what your life is today.


We have to take full responsibility as where we are in our life, we have to own the position that we found ourselves in and then, and only then can we truly move forward to make a life that is full of positive hope and live that life.


Nothing happens to our place in life unless you have motivation to really change the position that you find yourself.  You have to have motivation to change something specific.  You need a specific goal in which to attain.  The key to this is a clear desire to do it.


As George Zalucki, a psychologist and a network marketer who had months in which he brought in $10 Million per month, said that your DESIRE had to be a WHITE HOT DESIRE.  It couldn’t be luke warm but white hot.   So there is a need for a passionate desire to truly make a difference in your life.





You need to be willing to accept the bumps in the road that have been placed there and are part of your education or your growth. The bumps are there so the lessons you need to learn are learned.


You need to set goals in your life because without direction the human mind wanders aimlessly unless it is given a clearly defined objective.  You need to have a target to point to and if you don’t, it is too easy to play games and get off course.  You need to be committed to something specific in your objective.


Once you have an objective then you can surrender to that objective or surrender to that purpose.   When you have surrendered to your purpose, then you have no trouble with the obstacles that you will face because you have emotionally detached yourself from the bumps in the road.


Now with the future obstacles, you can understand where you are because you are completely committed to your target and the obstacles just become that – obstacles that can be handled outside of my emotions.


With this type of approach, nothing is going to be so hard that it cannot be overcome because you have your desire to achieve whatever target is in front of you.

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

John      (John C. Logan)

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3 Responses to Surrender To The Purpose!

  1. “we have to own the position that we found ourselves in and then, and only then can we truly move forward to make a life that is full of positive hope and live that life.”

    Great article John and so true the points you make. It’s empowering to accept responsibility, find your purpose, and fulfill it through desire!

    I love how you presented this!

  2. It’s amazing how many adults are still fighting battles that have been over for decades, still perpetuating the damage caused by their parents even though their parents are long dead. There comes a point when you just have to say “I am able bodied and reasonably intelligent and the only thing standing in my way is me” , or as you said, “to own the position that we found ourselves in.”

    I like your approach on this topic. Great article!

  3. John, this makes me think of the concept of the “inner child.” We’re all worried about so many things, and just the idea of letting the kid in you come out to play is liberating. Knowing that the sense of play is also part of our commitment…that’s HOT!

    Great article! 🙂

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