Is Your WHY Big Enough?



This is a very important question, especially to those who are in or are just beginning to get involved with Internet Marketing.  Most of the businesses that you get involved with have back offices in which you can learn the process and  learn the system.


If your business presents itself in such a manner that you know the what you need to do is important and you also know the how to do the program usually because the back office will give you enough information to get you started and maintain your impetus.


The what and the how are both very important to maintain your educational platform and to maintain the newer ideas that are put forth by the owners and the leaders but perhaps the most important aspect of your business and the one that will catapult you to new heights and a bigger income will be your WHY!


WHY  is that important ingredient in your business and especially an internet business, that will provide the incentive that can make the difference between success and failure,


Every book and every article that I have read about your why, will tell you that this one ingredient can be learned, that it is not a birth right but one that can be acquired.

Why do some succeed and others fail?

Why does all the knowledge in the world, not make you a success?

Why do you have those necessary excuses?

Why do you not experience the truth about yourself?

Do your activities align with your intentions?

Have you worked on the area that is most important – yourself!

Do you understand that you are where you are today because of your own choices?  That you own your existence, that no one else owns it except you?

Do you realize that you will not accomplish big things without working on you?

Is your WHY big enough to succeed?

Is your desire big enough to succeed?

Who is that person that your WHY  needs to be big enough?

Why are you doing this internet thing?  Is your dream or your actions going to be big enough to succeed?

You need to decide what your WHYS   are and if they are big enough to make you want to succeed!  This is a very important area to think about and think about long enough.

Write your goals and your WHYS  down and then put them on a 3″x 5″ card.   Carry it with you wherever you go, look at it frequently and if you feel they aren’t big enough or stretching you enough – rewrite them until they stretch you enough to make you uncomfortable, not your getting closer to your WHY!


This exercise might just be the most important one you have ever done, but I can almost guarantee you, that you will be successful when you undertake this most important test of mental gymnastics.  Is your WHY  big enough, is it white hot enough?

“Whatever The Mind of Man can Conceive and Believe, It can Achieve.”       —-Napoleon Hill—-
Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

John      (John C. Logan)

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  1. It is a great exercise to write hem down John. Many thing it’s some process, some technical skill, or some secret. It really is as simply as defining your WHY, and taking action to fulfill it. Thanks for sharing.

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