Profile Of A True Winner





There are certain character traits within each individual that are winners in the game of life as well as in business……

Not all individuals are going to be perfect examples in all these areas but it is definitely worth a look at what we might consider some of the Profiles Of A True Winner might be…….




Desire –  usually this attribute does not all of a sudden appear out the of the blue and one moment you don’t have it and the next you do.  Now this might happen in some unusual cases, but usually not.

It is not just some hope or some wish that you decide to do something adventurous.  No, it is more of a definite direction setting course.

An unwavering course in which there is no turning back, this is the embedded thought process that you have to have to succeed.

You need to have a definite purpose, the understanding of what you want and a white hot desire to obtain it – nothing less will do.


Belief – you have to have the attitude that you already know that this is going to happen.  You have to put yourself in the presumption of being there and doing it as though it is already occurring.

A belief so strong, that whatever bump in the road presents itself, you are in the attitude that you will just work around it to achieve your goal.

At this stage, one has to think of doing something repetitive enough to be part of your subconscious mind that will  begin to take over as faith in the direction you are moving towards.


Action  –  Nothing happens unless action is taken.  This sounds very simple, but in reality you find many individuals getting ready to do something and the action never occurs.

You can plan and plan and study and study, but unless you truly take action nothing will become a reality.

David J. Swartz, a psychologist and author of The Magic of Thinking Big, said: “Life is too short to waste.  Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless planning to take action.”

How many of us are guilty of this and don’t take action or take too little action to go down that path of success?

Every once in a while,  I find that I need to have a pep talk with myself.  I might take a walk in a warm rain or even take a walk in a light snow storm, or even a bright sunny day – anything that will give you a chance to work out and re-evaluate your mission.

This regeneration process can be extremely helpful for me and will help me get back onto that path that I started with but needed some additional re-planning, re-organization to get back on my pathway, my mission.

Do you have your pathway, your mission planned?  Is it written down so you can review it everyday?


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Enthusiastic past health care provider with the ability to enjoy the good life by involving myself in the internet marketing arena. The love and genuine sharing of ideas amongst the many individuals involved with internet marketing, at all levels, makes my daily routine one of gratitude and full of enjoyment. The days are full of excitement and learning but with the allowance of free time to enjoy family, friends and activities.
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3 Responses to Profile Of A True Winner

  1. John, I am you qualified the statement about belief…that is KNOWING instead of believing. Too many “believers” lying on the side of the road in my experience. It leaves room for doubt, and people follow those with the confidence of certainty.

    Really neat post…thanks!

  2. I’d say that sums it up pretty well. Always love reading your post John because they provide value in so many ways. I’ll have to agree with Larry too!

  3. I have found that times of transition can be particularly trying and require a mental 4-wheel drive of sorts. Digger deeper, trying harder, doing more, using all three of the qualities you mention above – in spades!
    Great post, John.

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