Empower Network – Up to Date

Empower Network – Up to Date!
Here is a up to date email from David Wood,
one of the co-founders of Empower Network.
As you can see and read, Empower Network
has really gotten off the launch pad and
has shown that it is the real deal and many
members are making a lot of money just
by following the directions and training
laid down by the founders.   It just shows
that there is no reason why you can’t do it
right along with the other members.  Just give
it a chance and you will wonder:  “Why didn’t
I just get in earlier and reap the benefits.
The best time to get in is  NOW!
Holy badass.
We just did around $400,000 in sales
today.  (we processed $328,000, and
about another $70,000 was proccessed
through some leader’s merchant accounts)
I haven’t done any marketingat all.
(well, sending this email – however,
the day is over already)
Something magical is happening at
Empower Network.
I want you to think about it like this:
We’re going to do $400,000 in sales
a day, at least, in 2013.
Now, that doesn’t guarantee that we will,
it’s my belief, and I also don’t guarantee
that you’ll make any money – because you’ve
got to work your ass off, dangit!
Here’s what I want you to think about,
If we can do $400,000 in sales a day in
2013 – that’s $146,000,000 (yes, million)
that people will earn from Empower Network.
Now, you might not be one of them.
Heck, we might not do $146 million in sales, either.
(I ain’t a prophet – and can’t tell the future)
All I can tell you, is what I see.
And what I see is bigger.
What I see is more.
What I see is an army of success.
Think about this:
Empower Network has done over
$16 million in sales total, since we
With that, last month we had something
around 52 people (give or take a few, I
don’t actually remember exactly what it
was) anyways, it was a ridiculous amount
of money making, now.
However – that was doing around $3
million a month in sales.
Think of what it will be if we do $146
It will be five times as big.
And the truth?
I think bigger.
Get in now.  (start for $25)
Because David Sharpe and I did a call
on Monday night, laying out ‘the plan’
that I think will lead us to a quarter of
a billion dollars in commissions in the
next 12 months.
It may do that – maybe it won’t be as
big as that.
Maybe we won’t do $250 million in sales,
or even $146 million.
I don’t know for sure.
I just feel it coming.
After you get in, login, and listen to the
“Audio of the week”.
I lay out the plan on there.
-David Wood
The Guru Slayer
P.S.  As a second disclaimer:
I’ve made a LOT of money doing this stuff.
A LOT of people have.
However, you might not make tons of money.
You’ve got to get in.
You’ve got to make a decision.
And then work your ass off for a while.
That’s ok with me – because I’m proud of the facts.
Empower Network – Up to Date.
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