Why Smart People Might Not Perform Well

Marie Forleo, on her video channel, did an excellent interview with Dr. Ned Hallowell.  He is a psychiatrist who is an expert dealing with ADHD.

This interview is a wonderful example of how he can help in organizing our lives into solutions.






These are Five Tips on Why Smart People Under Perform.

1) Define clear and specific Goals and what you would like to do everyday as well as the rest of your life.

Have 3 goals (not more than 3)

– 3 short term goals

– 3 medium term goals

– 3 long term goals

– 3 life time goals

These goals help you to prioritize things into achievable chunks.      What happens if you don’t prioritize and then try to do everything  at once, it becomes a big jumble.

Looking at cell phone and computer




2) Screen sucking – when any of your digital devices command   too much of your time, when the screen becomes interactive with   you, it is very difficult to shut it down.

Dr. Hallowell suggests setting a time limit and then shut it off or shut them off.  That is if you want to get anything else accomplished.

He also says that during the course of an hour when working on a project, if you are interrupted, it might take you 20 minutes just to get back on track with your concentration.


3) – Setting you default response to: “Let me get back with you on that.”  “He also states that our greatest asset of generosity can become our greatest liability.”

The previous statement of default allows you not be be over committed.  You cannot say yes to too many things for your own well being.

Worrying alone





4) – Never Worry Alone!  He suggests a three step worry control process.

a. never worry alone

b. make sure you get the facts straight

c. make a plan – if it doesn’t work, revise it

Dr. Hallowell also suggests that worrying alone can become toxic!

One of the important issues that I feel that has been stated by him is: “We are super connected digitally but disconnected inter personally.  People don’t have that feeling of belonging or people to turn to right at hand.”

He suggested that there is lot of unacknowledged loneliness out there.  There are a lot of people surrounded by people but not truly connected.





5) – Cultivating Lilies and getting rid of Leeches!             Lilies are people or projects that are worth it, that you have time for your lilies but you have to get rid of your leeches.

Leeches are people or projects that aren’t worth it

They may be right in their own right but they don’t pay back to you the time you put in.

People will usually stay with leeches either by inertia or guilt.   A good example of this might be your mother(father) or your mother-in-law (father-in-law) who might just be hard  to have them understand and work with.

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

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2 Responses to Why Smart People Might Not Perform Well

  1. Worrying IS totally wasted energy! Got that right, Mr. John!

    I really like the idea of setting a time limit with our devices. We’re supposed to control them, not vice versa.

    Great post!

  2. Great advice John and eliminating the leaches is very important, as as screen sucking. LOL! Guilty as charged!

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