Is It Really Me?

Looking in the mirror





I had taken down all my mirrors  and decided I could do this on my own…..

I didn’t need my upbringing to help me through this, I didn’t need my friends to help me because I knew what I was doing……

I went down this path, a path of apparent no return, because I knew what I was doing……

I continually found myself at at a juncture in the road that I could either go right or left and I chose left………

Was it the right decision, it had to be because I made the decision to go left, no one else did!

When I was confronted by an obstacle, I just put my head down and went right through it, but it left a few scars and hurts….

I was strong and I knew it because I decided that nothing was going to stand in my way.

I had this idea in my head that I was going to do it alone and damn it, I did try it…..

Until I realized that there were people out there that were called mentors, the ones who said they would help but help only when I asked for help…..

They wouldn’t interfere with my approach because I knew what I was doing (or at least I thought so).

When I began to realize that my ego, my self sufficient attitude, was truly what was holding me back…….

Then I began to understand that mentorship was a gift rather than a deterrent…..

It was a way to make the path easier, not harder.  A way to make each step of the process fall into place with time, not an instant gratification approach……

I put the mirrors all back into place because I realized that it was me, yes me that was standing in the way of progress…..

And when I put my ego, my stubbornness, my way or the highway out to pasture, then I was headed to the city of progress…….

One that would allow me to learn, to gather ideas and information, to make my journey as enjoyable, an open minded array of thought provoking mysteries come to life…….

I was the one standing in the way of the lack of progress in this amazing profession of internet marketing.

Me, yes me!  Until I opened my eyes and realized that I was being taught to fish rather than giving me a platter of fish – then I was not able to grow because I thought this was a journey that I had to take alone.

What a mind bending thought – that there were others out there to help me on my journey – but only if I let them.  It is up to me to put the ego aside and welcome in the plateful of thoughts and ideas that will help me in this venture, a venture filled with sound ideas and directions.

My mirrors are back up, my eyes are open and I am ready – ready to put success in my sight.  But with “a little help from my friends” and mentor……….


“Whatever The Mind of Man can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.”      – Napoleon Hill – 

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Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!





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Enthusiastic past health care provider with the ability to enjoy the good life by involving myself in the internet marketing arena. The love and genuine sharing of ideas amongst the many individuals involved with internet marketing, at all levels, makes my daily routine one of gratitude and full of enjoyment. The days are full of excitement and learning but with the allowance of free time to enjoy family, friends and activities.
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2 Responses to Is It Really Me?

  1. Great post, John! The best mentors want what’s best for you, but they are detached from your outcomes at the same time. They have to be in order to see things with clarity.

    Loving your stuff. 🙂

  2. This sure rings true in my life John. I was the bold, the mighty, the man who was gonna make myself a self made legend. Laugh-Out-Loud!

    I stayed my course for couple of years, until I regularized what you explained in the article. It took getting “me” out of the way and asking for help. Anyone who’s struggling should not miss out on the opportunity to read this post word for word.

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