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In this age of technology, do you feel lost or overwhelmed with some of the tasks that are put before you?

I was confronted with the daunting task of adding another sub-domain to my existing blog post.  I wanted to add another website  so to have more than one blog post possibility.

I had done it before a couple of years ago and thought it would be easy to set it up again, especially since I had already done it once.

The directions seemed easy enough until I got into the actual page of instructions and then it began to look like mombo-jumbo.

Holy crap, this just seemed overwhelming, useless to me, hard to understand words that were better placed on the package of a kids toys at Christmas time – totally foreign to me.

Wouldn’t I be better off getting someone who was more qualified to understand this “technological language”?  One who didn’t fret over this apparent arrangement of words that seemed more like a foreign language, than English.

Then it hit me, all I have to do is break it down into manageable small bits of information and then put it all together.  It was like when you figured out what “C” meant in the “a+b=c” formula when you were struggling with algebra.  It was one of those ah-ha moments.

What added to my comfort of research was the fact that Tim Erway had explained this whole process in a complete series of modules in his very understandable MLM Traffic Series.

I quickly retrieved my notes (thank god, I had taken good notes) and proceeded to get out the exact notes that explained what I was trying to accomplish.

Because I am not perceived to be a geek or a techie, I looked these notes over and realized that it still contained some inescapable steps and words that might just have paralyzed me earlier.

This was one of those Neil Armstrong’s moments of a giant step for mankind and this is what it felt like to me – I just decided to take each step at a time and bingo – it worked.  What should have taken me a few minutes, turned out to be a couple of hours.

Was it worth it, you bet it was, because it gave me the confidence and the security that I could do it if I put my mind to it.  It was one of those moments when it allowed you to put that extra bounce into your step, that extra feeling of “hey, look what I did” kind of moment.

Try to explain that to your wife, your children or even a friend as to what just happened and somehow, it just doesn’t have the same impact that it did on me.  But it will carry over into my next project.

I can try it myself with the confidence that I can do it, or ship it out to someone better equipped to do it BUT at the same time, I realized that I had accomplished something bigger than just a relatively simple task – I had done it and it had given me the confidence that I could do it again if I needed to.

I don’t have to do it,  but that extra bounce in my step and that confidence builder in my demeanor made the effort worth it.


Believe in Yourself – The Fastest Route to Success!


 I appreciate you taking the time to read the whole post and  if you got anything out of this post, please let me know and if you didn’t, let me know that also.


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  1. John, this article really strikes a nerve with me. I read a quote this morning “Don’t tell me you want something, then tell me why you can’t have it”. Overwhelm I’ve decided absolutely comes from trying to consume to much information at one time. It’s important you plan and understand you may not get it the first time… or the 15th, but if you WANT it, you’ll power through because you know the pain means your gain.

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