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Have you ever had a best pal that you could confide in without the idea that your thoughts and feelings would be plastered all over the the neighborhood the next day?

That certain someone who you could tell anything to and he wouldn’t judge you but would rather have you thinking about how to solve your own dilemma.

Fortunately, I have one of those friends that we have been good friends since we were about 12 years old.  At 12 years of age, your dilemma could be anything earth shaking, like what time is the ball game tonight, when are we going out in the boat or something far more important like who is your girlfriend this week.

We didn’t live next door to each other, in fact we lived in two different cities about 500 miles apart.

Now how did that happen?  Both of our folks had cottages up at a lake in Northern Michigan and we were both fortunate enough to be at a place during the summer that we were as free as a bird.

At 12 years of age, the world is your oyster and what ever comes up, it can be handled in a minute’s time.

As you got older, your plans changed as it was time to get a job and be important in the world.  We both had jobs at the gas station at the end of the lake and it was a dream job because you got to see everyone that came through the area and of course all of your newly driving buddies.

I have to say that this was my first actual job at applying attraction marketing.  Obviously, I had no idea what it truly was but the owners of the gas station reminded us that the customers were the important people and you always went up to them with rag in hand to wash their windows and then your next words were: “can I fill your tank up sir?” while all the time continuing to clean the windshield.

In the meantime, both of us, had a great time working in the gas station but we both realized that as we got older, things would change and everyone as they got older had different interests and different obligations.

Jim went to work for a company down in St. Louis and I worked on the water front at a YMCA Camp in Michigan.  We both were able to spend a little time up the lake.

Jim and I continued to keep in contact but it was far and few between because we had found new ways to occupy our time.

Jim went to the Naval Academy and I went to a small college in Michigan.  He eventually began to teach at the Academy after his two years tour in the navy.

But something was missing in his education and his thought process and he realized that he wanted to be a physician  and specifically, a  psychiatrist.  So they (he, his wife and young child) moved to a town where he went to medical school.

We kept in touch and even spent a few weekends heading down to where they lived.

Throughout all this period of time, we didn’t always communicate other than a phone call here and there and a Christmas Card each year.

But the important part of this, is that I never felt that we needed to be right there to talk with each other, but I also knew that if I needed to talk, he was always there – still no judging or preconceived ideas of what I should do.

This continues to be a great experience for both of us.  He had some spinal cord problems in the neck area and I flew out West to be with him and his children.  Did I have to go out, no but I just felt how important it was to support a very good friend who would have done the same for me.  This is just how it is – you do what is necessary.   You do what is right!

Do you have a pal like Jim in your life?









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  1. I’ve got a few of those, John! They occupy important parts of my life. Great read!

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