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We get into the arena of internet marketing thinking that we are going to take this program and eat it up.

It seems so easy when they keep telling me, all you have to do is push a few buttons on my computer and everything just works out.


Then the reality starts to sink in.  I have been in this business for three weeks and nothing seems to be happening.  I have bought all the newest packaged programs that were suppose to get me on the road to the gold in a short period of time.


I bought a program that was showing me how to attract leads, I bought a program that showed how to set up my website, I bought another program that showed me how to make money sitting on my couch.

I bought all these programs that were going to help me in my quest to become financially free and all I have to show for it was another program and a reduced bank account.



I was told that I needed to diversify, that I needed to get into as many programs as possible because if one failed, I would still have the other ones to fall back on.

Spending Money



I was spending all kinds of money buying all the new shinny objects and then began to realize that I was spending all this money but nothing was coming in to help me balance my financial statements.


What I found myself doing was playing not to lose rather than trying to win.  I became very defensive in my approach and this did nothing but frustrate me.




What is the solution to my problem?  Perhaps I needed another program to help me find my solution.

Then I realized, I need to sit back and reassess my situation and then figure out what I needed to do.

I needed to analyze my situation and try to understand what I was doing wrong and what I needed to turn things around.


After reading and discussing this with some successful individuals in the internet marketing business, I realized that I needed to:

1) Find a good mentor, one that I could relate to but also one that would tell it like it is rather than try to placate me.

A good mentor will tell me what I need to do but will also give me a good slap to remind me that they will show me how to fish but will not fish for me!

You follow their example by what they have done to become successful and then figure many of these things out by thinking them through.


2) Pick one market and become proficient in that market.  Find one way to become a specialist in promoting that market.  This takes time, so don’t try to rush and think that it will happen overnight.

The only thing you will solve by rushing is to finally realize that their are no overnight successes, that it took a lot of hard work leading up to their successes.


3) Pick one form of traffic lead generation at first, so you can become successful with this method.  Then you can spread out if that is what you want to do, but not before you have mastered that first method.


4) Learn that another shinny object will not solve your problems.  This might just be one of the most important aspects of examining your situation and realizing that the next object will not always solve your problem, but by taking a good look at what you have might show you that you have what you need and work with that.


5) Don’t get overwhelmed with webinars and special events!  You can spend all your time learning things and then realize that you don’t have any time to put your education into action.

Taking ACTION is one of the most important aspects of your success.

You can learn all day long but if you don’t start to put your education into action, nothing will happen.

Don’t be afraid of making a mistake because you will and all of us will make mistakes but that is truly how you learn.

Remember the tests you took in high school and you probably learned more from the one’s you missed than the ones you guessed on.  Same goes for your marketing – JUST DO IT!!!

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

If you got anything out of this post, please let me know down below.

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Enthusiastic past health care provider with the ability to enjoy the good life by involving myself in the internet marketing arena. The love and genuine sharing of ideas amongst the many individuals involved with internet marketing, at all levels, makes my daily routine one of gratitude and full of enjoyment. The days are full of excitement and learning but with the allowance of free time to enjoy family, friends and activities.
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6 Responses to Are You Struggling?

  1. John, this post is filled with gold nuggets. The change I made last year was to narrow down the companies I was promoting. It’s made a huge difference in my productivity.

    Great article as usual!

  2. brad hines says:

    I particularly like the mentor tip, which is something I only just started. We should all have a mentor in many fields when possible.

  3. Def lots of programs out there. Good tips on how to sort it all out

  4. The whole shiny object thing is dangerous! And yes…there are way too many things.

    It comes back to the basics…see what’s working, pick two to four methods and charge them like a pit bull…with time off for good behavior!

    Great article, John.

  5. John Logan says:

    Larry, I agree with your thoughts of taking time off for good behavior. I think too many of us fail to understand the reward aspect of our efforts.

  6. Hi John,
    This is a great post and I would have to agree with all of your points. People waste so much time and energy running in circles, chasing their tails and getting nowhere at all. Find a good teacher, specialize, focus, take action!! Maybe we all need racehorse blinders to keep our eyez on the prize 😉

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