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I was able to watch a video in which Bert Bledsoe, on his morning wake up show, had interviewed another online marketer, Bob Clarke.

Bob Clarke is a part time marketer on the internet because he has a full time job as a reproductive expert in the field of helping couples have babies.

I felt this interview was one that very adroitly addresses what is necessary to do in your business when your time is limited.  It would even help individuals address their own issues even if they are full time marketers on the internet.

Bob felt he was spinning his wheels at first when he got into marketing online, that he had accumulated a lot of knowledge but was not implementing any of his knowledge.

He realized that he had to cut back on watching any and every webinar that came along and that in itself was one of the biggest factors in turning his online career around with putting his knowledge into action.

Bob, along with his wife, both refused to quit and continued to work and finally stumbled upon a mentor that really made a great deal of difference in their approach to what they were doing.

Bert, in his interviewing also said that he felt very alone at first and didn’t feel confident.  But in finding a great mentor, he was told that he already had a lot of knowledge, all he had to do was to take action with his knowledge.  So his advice was to start working with the right people.

Bert asked Bob what he felt were the things that began to make him successful in his online business.  Bob suggested that there were 3 things that were paramount in his success:

1) He refused to give up.

2) You have to be able to understand the leaders or mentors and find a mentor that you resonate with.

3) Going to live events was very important.  Seeing people who have had success and realize that if they can do it, so can he.  Trust what you already know and go with it.

Bob had a big realization and found that when he was trying to do all these things: that it’s not how much time you have to do your business but it is what you do with your time.

He realized that with his limited time, he had to make some decisions based on his time.  Was watching a webinar worth his time and they had to convince Bob that it was worth his time.

It is the old adage but it certainly fits this bill: ask a busy person to help, as all the others don’t have enough time.

Bob’s time is now occupied by looking at:

1) is there any webinar that he should he attending

2) who does he need to call back or who does he need to support today?

3) when he starts building a team, you have to channel in your time to support them and when you get results, you are that much more attractive.  When people start making money under you, that is when it becomes successful.

Bob also suggested that he had to decide if he wanted to play with the big boys if he was going to become successful.

Bob also said that if you can’t build your business part time, that going full time was not going to help you.

He found that there were certain things that were non-negotiable and because he works with Diane Hochman as his mentor these are what he has suggested:

1) meeting new people, 5-10 people a day online who are sold on the idea of a business online, not someone who you have to convenience to have a business.  He uses Google +, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and You Tube to communicate with others.

2) He always tries to build his list, trying to get people on his list as a part time marketer.

3) He tries to put people on his list daily and communicate with them everyday and to try to help them everyday.

4) Bob tries to create some kind of content each day and to use it on each of the social networks and his blogs.

This was obviously a great interview that Bert did with Bob, as it certainly came up with a lot of very important ideas to help people implement into their online businesses.

This is how you become successful with your business whether or not you are full time or part time.  It is how you visualize your approach with your limited time and how you implement your own program.

Thanks to both Bob and Bert for a great understanding of what one needs to do to begin your quest to success on the internet.



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  1. I’m a bit prejudice, since I kinda sorta know the mentor in question (wink).

    But Bob really is an astute marketer. 🙂

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