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John Steele Gordon, in an article he wrote for a college alumni magazine, stated that the future of entrepreneurship in the USA, which is one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world, remains bright.

One of his fears is that the overbearing government, bent on managing the American Economy – supposedly for the good of all, but actually for the benefit of the bureaucrats and politicians – will strangle the goose that has laid so many golden eggs.

This is always going to be a danger as government is as subjective to the law of self-interest as the marketplace. He goes on to say that the process of creative destruction is far less vigorous in government, which just happens to be a monopoly by its nature.

If the future of entrepreneurship is bright in many of the free countries around the world, why doesn’t everyone get involved with such a plan?

Even with many rules and regulations, the ability to start a company or a program is unlimited to those who are willing to realize that it will take a vision and a dedication of work to get this whole process in motion.

If one has the spirit of independence and the gumption to undertake a process of work and a “sticktoitifness” attitude, there is nothing that can stand in your way.

Will there be bumps in the road and obstacles that just might have to be understood and maneuvered around, through, over and under?  Sure there will be but it is how you, as an individual, undertake the whole process and maneuver the process.

It take so little as far as money to begin but that doesn’t seem to be as big an issue as the one major obstacle that seems to get in your way.  Do you have the strength of VISION to form a goal that is unstoppable.  Unstoppable to the point of never giving up until you have reached your goal.

Tim Erway states: “There is no other business opportunity in the world that offers you the kind of compensation, the kind of training and the leverage that network marketing does in an inexpensive turnkey manner”.

What is it that keeps most people from realizing and then utilizing this amazing path, one that overcomes any obstacles, and has a clear intention for its outcome?

David Wood suggests that you have a clear intention and then take massive action and you correct this as you go along.  He also suggest that: “the only reason anyone ever experiences burn out is because of a lack of clarity in the vision of their outcome?

Napoleon Hill, on his thorough evaluation of what made Andrew Carnegie so very successful in his business of The US Steel Corporation, reduced it to a simple formula of Desire, Faith and Action.  Now obviously there is more to this formula that just this simple formula but you in essence get the point of the major ideas behind the formula.

It takes very little money to begin your quest to success but it will take some time, effort and learning of the processes and procuring the knowledge that will allow you the luxury of participating in the successes that the internet allows you.

Napoleon Hill did state that: “Whatever the Mind of Man can Conceive and Believe, It can Achieve”.  Read this over and over until you literally understand the strength of this statement.  It has produced more successes in American Business than probably any other proposed ideas that have been put forth.

WHY?  Because it gets at the root of what makes us tick as human beings.  Freedom to make choices, freedom to make mistakes and recover from them, freedom to answer more heavily to yourself then to a boss – entrepreneurship at its best.

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!



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2 Responses to Entrepreneurship – The Basics of Success

  1. Something happened along the way (and this is an oversimplification)…we started to believe what made this country great was 9 to 5 at the office or factory, and the protections that go along with it.

    There’s nothing wrong with that…I honor the workers, the teachers, the police and firefighters etc. Just realize that none of this exists without the innovators and risk takers. And yes…that includes those who are willing to grow into being in the distributorship model known as network marketing.

    Cool post, John! 🙂

  2. Having that unstoppable goal is important John. In the building of faith things appear to us, things we knew we were going to obtain. Great post!

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