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When we speak of our purpose,  we need to think about the values we place on our own self worth.  Do you find yourself being less than complimentary to yourself, always finding something wrong with your hair, your wardrobe, your skin or even the fact that your socks don’t really match.


Our self-image is at stake and what is necessary to help correct this aspect of how we look at ourselves is important. You have to become extremely truthful with yourself in the evaluation of your own worth.  Is your integrity at the best it can and should be?


Many times the problem lies in how we treat other people and also how we treat ourselves. Do you follow through with assignments, with a promise to a friend that you will do something to help them.  And in turn, do you follow through with a promise to yourself that you will get a certain project done that was due at a certain time.


These are areas that we might need to improve on and the biggest factor is being honest with your colleagues and most importantly is being honest with yourself.  We should be honest in our dealings at all levels – and this is a very important thought because it is too easy to slough this off as not important.


“How we do one thing is usually how we do all things”.  The consistency of how we undertake a certain project will carry over into other areas of our lives.


You also have to be aware, include and accept any detours that will occur in your life.  These detours are the necessary part of your growth process and are usually placed there so that the lessons that you need to learn are learned.


You need to set goals because the human mind is setup in such a way that unless you are given a clearly defined objective, the mind will wander aimlessly. When you surrender to your objective or surrender to your purpose, you then don’t encounter the obstacles with a sense of resistance and upset.


Challenges and obstacles make you feel uncomfortable and lacking in congruency.  This is when you have to understand that you are not a failure but that the occurrence failed.  This process is one that can and will get you out of your comfort zone but one in which you have grown.   But because you have surrendered to your objective or your purpose, you are no longer resisting rejection.


This type of process is one that can be involved in many areas of your life, not just one or two.   It is also the process that allows you to grow exponentially in each of the processes that you might be involved with because you have surrendered to the purpose.


Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

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2 Responses to Surrender To The Purpose……

  1. Be honest and COMPASSIONATE

  2. Another great article John. Be transparent comes to my mind, but be focused on overcoming and not quitting. You will find your way when you surrender to Your purpose.

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