Empower Network – Will the Real David Wood Stand Up

Empower Network – Will the Real David Wood Stand Up



There are many “gurus” on the internet

that will give you their understanding of

what a guru is all about.  And there are

some that just do what they they say they

are going to do.  There are some very good

individuals on the internet that continue to give

you good value in helping you attain your

place in the internet annuals.



If you have been on the internet searching for

that one or two companies or programs that will

help you to reach your full potential on the internet,

then I would give this program and individual a

much closer look.  David  Wood seems like a left over

hippy but  don’t let this fool you.  He lives in the rural

area of Costa Rica (he loves it there) in a big home, with

his wife and dog right near the ocean because he has had

the ability to understand the real meaning of what and

how the internet can be a tremendous asset to building

a company online.



David Wood is a frenkin’ genius that has parlayed

his past trial and errors into a company that has a very

bright future.  David Wood along with his partner,

David Sharpe started in a stuffy hotel room and with

28 other people laid down some principles that has

made Empower Network one of, if not the fastest,

growing companies on the internet.



They started with 30 members and now count the count

is over 40,000 and growing.  They have paid out over

16,000,000.00 million dollars to their members and one

good reason is that they pay !00% commissions.



Empower Network become successful because these

two guys realized that most people would have a hard

time, at first, learning how to relate to people and getting

them to be part of this company.  So they devised a program

that essentially allowed you to work the program while

they did all the hard work and gave you the process in

which to run your program right along with them.



The foundation of Empower Network is having a program

that anyone, with or without the computer savvy, to work this

unusual program and become very successful right out of

the gates.  This also allows you to use this approach to run

other programs or companies.  Essentially you have learned to

be an internet wonder by following the easy steps to success

within Empower Network.



Here is a link that  takes you to a resume of David Wood and

how he got to where he is, one the the gurus of the internet.



When you see just how easy it is to join a company or program

that gives you the system, the training and the support, then it

becomes almost a no brainer as to what you should do if you

are at all interested in becoming an internet success.



Empower Network – Will the Real David Wood Stand Up


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