Mentoring – A Major Stepping Stone…..





We have all been told that one of the major understandings and processes that you need to be successful within the internet marketing arena, is the need to have a mentor.


Does this mean that you have to have a mentor before you do anything else in your marketing quest?, not at all.  It just means that having a mentor can help you and keep you on a path of consistence, constructive approaches to your business.


Is it necessary to have only one mentor or can you conceive of having more than one mentor or many mentors?

This is a tricky question, as you can learn from many different people who have had success but most importantly, it is best to have a mentor that you can relate to and understand their approaches to being successful.

Does this mean that I should only listen to one mentor and turn off all the others that continually make a convincing argument that he or she might be the best one to follow.


I think the only one that needs to make that decision, is yourself. You and only you can make that decision as to whom might be the best mentor to follow.  Do you like the way they present things to you and do they push you to understand and know things that will take some effort without giving you all the answers?

I like a mentor that will help you through a process, but will be constructively critical (for your own good) and then let you down easily so you can learn in that environment.  To me, that is a sign of a good but caring mentor who has the results in mind without stepping heavily on your feet and completely turn you off.

I truly feel that the best mentor is one who can teach you the process, give you directions but will let you figure out most of the ideas that are necessary to accomplish your goals.  There is usually no set process that every individual has to or needs to go through but there is a process that each mentor might set up for each individual to master as an individual.


Because the internet allows us the ability to communicate through many different mechanisms, it makes it that much easier to see and hear from your mentor.  He or she can continue to communicate with you individually as well as with a group.  How many times do you watch a leader on a webinar that you feel is talking directly to you?  This is the magic of the internet.

This really leads me to an individual that I do not relate to on a regular basis but when I do, he captures my attention to its fullest.  He is not my personal mentor nor have I even asked him to be a mentor other than through his excellent process of communication.

Mark Hoverson is one of those amazing internet phenoms that always seems to know and understand the process of where I am and what I needed to know at just that moment that he decided to transfer some of his knowledge to me.

Mark has that ability to communicate in such a language that it is unduly refreshing.  An example is: he is going to unpack some of his knowledge to make a stopover so our brains can take it in.

Seven year ago he and his wife qualified for food stamps (of which they did not take) while living in a trailer and today, he is a ten figure earner in this amazing profession of internet marketing.

I will share only one area of his expertise mainly due to space and time, not because they are not interesting.

He speaks of his own approach to “speed reading” and classifies it as a way to learn the content of a page or a book without reading the book word by word.





He would psych himself up when picking up a book so he would emotional invest himself in the book and get as much out of it as he could.  He would not read the book cover to cover or word for word as he felt that you could look at the page of a book and comprehend it by scanning it.  He also said that it took him time to implement this type of reading so don’t put yourself in a position to wonder why can he and not I.

He has books all over the house, the bathroom, the living room , the kitchen, the bedroom and would pick one up and scan it again or for the first time and then what he would do: APPLY HIS KNOWLEDGE!!

Mark felt that he got his knowledge from that book, for now, as he could go back in the future and re-look the book over and get some more knowledge and apply it.

Mark related the knowledge from a book as like fresh fruit.  If you don’t apply the knowledge that you just learned, it is a lot like the fruit, it will spoil.   He will immediately implement what he has learned, that is put it into action right away.

He felt that early on in his career of internet marketing, that he never felt like he could be paid for his knowledge but that he should just ethically share the knowledge.  That is when his knowledge and uptake of information from Solomon began to take some form because he felt that King Solomon was always given gifts for his immense knowledge.  If he could do it, it was certainly within his ethical reasoning to also be paid for his knowledge.

These are just some of the many ideas and thoughts that continually come out of Mark’s mouth and his pen.  He is an unusual individual with a very interesting approach to all walks of his life and his ability to communicate his thoughts is overpowering.

Check him out sometime, all you have to do is Google him and his name will appear – Mark Hoverson.  Is he my mentor? – only by proxy but I will continue to follow him.

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

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About John Logan

Enthusiastic past health care provider with the ability to enjoy the good life by involving myself in the internet marketing arena. The love and genuine sharing of ideas amongst the many individuals involved with internet marketing, at all levels, makes my daily routine one of gratitude and full of enjoyment. The days are full of excitement and learning but with the allowance of free time to enjoy family, friends and activities.
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5 Responses to Mentoring – A Major Stepping Stone…..

  1. The Hov! Great guy, John!

    A mentor can be someone from afar, but having officially been a mentor to about two dozen graduate students, not to mention many coaching clients, a real mentor has to be (excuse the term) all up in your business. They have to know what’s going on with you on a number of levels and be ready to call you on your mistakes…as well as celebrate the victories.

    Great stuff, John!

    • John Logan says:

      I agree whole heartily Larry on the mentor being able to call you on your stuff… well as the celebrations. When one mentor in profession school, would call me on some of my stuff, then I learned a whale of a lot more than I would have other wise. Interestingly, he and his wife became good friends as well as patients.

  2. Liz Delaney says:

    I enjoyed your post John. I agree with you about Mark Hoverson. I feel he speaks directly to me when he imparts his knowledge. Same with Vincent. I feel at home when I listen to them.

  3. Hi John,
    I agree that there is a whole lot to be learned from the process of watch and learn, I also agree that for someone to be able to help you specifically they have to know what’s going on with you specifically. Great post on mentoring!

  4. Mentors… I’ve had a few of them. Larry’s wife I think is the first to actually take an interest in mentoring me and I learned so much from her… am still am 🙂 I do believe it’s okay to have more than one though as I follow Larry and a few others and learn from them daily. Diane once stated to submit to your mentor… an action I’m getting used to. A big mind set shift for me and I think of it every time one of my mentors mentors me. Great post John!

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