Motivation – Is It In Our DNA?





Motivation – One of those ambiguous words  that continues to be in our vocabulary but do we really understand what it means in our own daily life?


We hear leaders speak of motivation, we hear CEO’s speak of motivation, we hear our teachers or professors speak of motivation and we hear our parents speak of motivation but within this context, what are they really trying to do or say?

We also need to take a look at how we, as individuals view our own motivation as we see it in relationship to our jobs, our daily routines and our own deep down lives.  Are we born with this feeling , this attitude, this idea that motivation is either in us or not at all or maybe slightly?

When we examine the theories behind many of the psychologists and psychiatrists,  we have to take into consideration how many of them came to believe in their own theories.  This post is not aimed at discussing all the theories or trying to elaborate on each and every theory but rather to skim some of the highlights and put them into context with how they affect us in relationship to our own motivation – are we self motivated or do we have to be motivated by some outside factor – or possibly a combination of both or maybe not at all!

McClelland, Atkinson, Herzberg, and Maslow and many more, are all psychologists that have done a great deal of study and research in the fields of motivation.  They have many theories and ideas as to why we become motivated or why we just don’t care but in essence there is usually a reason for both.

I would suspect that most individuals reading this post would be motivated by many things both within and outside or you wouldn’t be reading this post in the first place.

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation refers to whether or not any of your motivation is within yourself or has its origins outside of yourself.  Rewards and competition are both considered extrinsic motivators.  Having your own capabilities would be intrinsic.

Why do some individuals have the seemingly inside ability to accomplish things in a quick and easy manner while others continue to sputter when asked to do something?  Is it in our DNA or is it something that we acquire by habit?

George Zalucki, a psychologist,  feels that there is no natural born champion, that rather they decided to do what was needed to become a champion.

This is the area that we need to touch upon; do you have what is needed to become a champion, whether it be on the field or in an area of business.  Brandon Burchard decided to do something with his life after a near fatal car accident.  He has become a top motivator in the business world as well as in the internet marketing arena.

Is your WHY big enough and strong enough to carry you on to the accomplishments that you desire.  Do you have the motivation to isolate yourself enough to put your nose to the grindstone and do what is necessary.  Only you can decide this!  This might be like deciding between a life of exciting inner growth and positive mindset (as well as good financial remuneration) compared to a simple job accepting only the easiest of undertaking and in turn, getting that type of pay.

Aron Parker, on a webinar last evening, decided that after about 12 years of failure of trying to find that business online, he would take a well proven platform and follow the simple directions given and go on a 90 blitz.  His determination and his motivation was one of being on fire and doing what was necessary to get to the successes that were there, all he had to do was apply himself.

He also suggested that it was necessary to just get in there and do it.  In other words, TAKE ACTION.  He also felt very strongly about a famous quote: “ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice.”  There are many interpretations of this saying but in essence it means you don’t have to know everything before you start your path to success.  Or as Nike says:  “Just do it!”.

Is motivation within your DNA or is it learned?  I think the jury is out on this but it is probably a bit of both.  The mindset just has to be part of your undertaking.  How do you pump yourself up for such a seemingly dramatic change in your DNA – if your WHY is big enough, then the mind will find a way.

Watch the leaders, find out what they had to do to put themselves where they are and just follow.  Get rid of the “I can’t” and exchange them for the “I can”.  You will be amazed as how this seemingly little change can move mountains.  There is absolutely a reason why you can do it and it is within you – if you want it badly enough!


“Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!








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2 Responses to Motivation – Is It In Our DNA?

  1. On one level, motivation is intrinsic. It’s survival of the species, and it’s what drive us. (There’s Maslow for you.) On another level we move into a new space when we find the thing that makes us feel alive. Once that happens, and we’re good with our own sense of deserving to receive it, ain’t nothing holds us back!

    Great stuff, John!

  2. Brad hines says:

    I think I heard it neurochemically is related to histamine in the brad. Supposedly thats why pot smokers become unmotivated-the depleted histamine.

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