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There always seems to be a lot of talk about not having enough creativity in our minds and bodies, especially as we get older.  We all have the ability to create wonderful ideas and thoughts but do little to implement them.

When we were young children our imaginations ran wild.  Tim Seldin, the president of the International Montessori Council says that children have an inbuilt drive for discovery.

Children might start an ant farm in the confines of the home or even a worm farm because they want to explore outside of their own environment.   Neurologists will say that children thrive from the the right side of the brain – the side that is in charge of creative, social, visual and intuition skills.

Curiosity and imagination were everywhere and anywhere.  Their outlook on life, their canvas was the art of creation and there were no actual rules of engagement, so the excitement of what’s next is always there.

Boys would use anything at their disposal to form swords or guns to engage in make believe fights.  They were always finding ways to improve the fun experiences that defined their world.

Little girls would find their own ways of engagements and transform themselves into movie stars, make believe princesses or even great dancers.  Their dolls and even their animals were part of their make believe adventures that were part of their everyday lives.

There were few rules for these children that said you can or cannot do something because it wasn’t a proper use of their time. They had all the time in the world to explore those things that were fun and new.  Their imaginations were governed by little as they had the opportunity to design their own unique fantasy islands.

Children were learning to use their muscles, their minds and were learning how to use their language to communicate.  They are mass collectors of information that their various senses would allow.

Erik Wahl stated that as children “our primary environment needed to be a rich, vibrant, and imagination-fostering one.”

George Zalucki, a psychologist suggested very strongly, that no one, no one should have the ability to tell us as children that we can’t do something or that we are not good enough to do something.  This type of environment did more to harm the self worth of an individual than almost any other engagement.  As parents, we have a much bigger involvement then we sometimes realized at the time of our children’s childhood.

Some of the large companies around the world have fostered the idea of allowing their employees to create an atmosphere that would recreate the same environment as a kindergarten – a vibrant, rich, imagination fostering likeliness of that period of time.

Google has done this with amazing success.  Yahoo has hired a Google employee, Marissa Mayer who was the VP of search products and user products, to be their new head.  And watch and see how she might shape the environment of Yahoo to help simulate the kindergarten atmosphere- one of a rich, vibrant childhood experience.

Jesus was always welcoming children to come around him and made his disciples aware of such.  Gandhi said: “The law of love could be best understood and learned through little children.”

Erik Wahl also stated very strongly that” To achieve our full potential, we have to do away the the notion that curiosity, imagination, and exploration are child’s play.”

Are you feeling that you might be out of touch with the feelings and beliefs of children.  That you are grown up and that these types of adventures are only left for children.  Think again my friend, as these ideas begin to enrich our own lives and might just set us free from that constant idea of constraint.

Possibly our biggest ideas and thoughts are in front of us and when we decide to let go, let the wind blow our hair out of place and let our minds run rampant, then possibly are biggest successes are right there to be had, right in front of us.

Letting go, let us travel the ends of the earth and into the skies and gives us unparalleled licensees to dream, to think and to create the kind of ideas that only kids can dream.

Then something happened, our dream filled life, our very active creative life began to disappear and has given way to a less adventuresome and less wondrous climate of life – we grew up.

Is it truly necessary to leave this part of us behind and to lead a more conservative lifestyle or might we be able to put the two together and have that life that we have always dreamed about.

Are you still creative or have you left that life behind?


“Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success”

Let me know what you think.  Does this resonate with you?


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3 Responses to Are You Still Creative?

  1. Great post John. I’ve been doing some reading on this and actually sit alone for about 20 minutes daily as I imagine my life and what it looks like in the near future. Sad that people loose imagination along the way but we can always ind it again! So glad I did!

  2. We’re always creating, John. As much as we like to believe we’re based in “reality,” everything we do is subjective. It runs through our own senses and paradigms. Do we want to use that power for defense or fun??? 🙂

  3. brad hines says:

    Creativity is essentially everything in my work, as I approach the concept in meta-fashion daily as a writer and content strategist. But no matter what work I am doing, I don’t like doing it unless I am bringing creativity to the table. Any job can flourish from it. Even accounting (and no not in Enron kind of way!)

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