How Is Your Self Confidence?





Unshakable self confidence is something that cannot be shaken by certain events or actions.  Your self imagine can be very fragile or it can be unshakable or any area in between.

Our educational and emotional involvement in the possible  transformation from one of fragile to unshakable is and can be a masterful transition if one is willing and able to view the whole process and commit to the process.

Walt Kelly, the cartoonist in one of his cartoons made the very famous quote: “We have met the enemy and he is us”.  This somewhat defines what we are up against when we dissect our own self image.

We might break down self confidence into a couple of general descriptions in which we can relate.

!) An individual who pounds the table and gets excited after hearing a highly motivational speech.  They are jumping up and down and yelling as to what they heard and what they are going to do.  But when tomorrow comes, they are right back at their old routine and nothing seems to change.  If you are just winging it with your knowledge and you are challenged, you might just melt.

2) The unshakable self confidence is directly related to the self image.  One that has self confidence is knowing what their capabilities are and what they aren’t.  Having good knowledge or acquiring knowledge and skills are big factors with being self confident.

The ability to relax in all kinds of situations, allows you to perform under pressure.  If you have the vision of a powerful goal and in turn have the ability to not let anything get in your way of this goal, and in turn have the ability to relax during this process, you will have a much better chance of attaining that goal.

Studies have shown that writers, athletics, and even CEOs can perform much better and much more successfully if they have learned the process of how to relax.

A habit will usually take around 21 days to acquire and acquiring the habit of relaxation would be one of them.  Do not expect to go to a meeting and then have the speaker suggest you do some relaxing exercises by watching him and then all of a sudden you are completely relaxed – it just doesn’t work this way.  But the suggestions of relaxing can be done but it takes practice and time.

What does this have to do with Your Self Confidence?  It means that to have true self confidence, you would need to have the ability to perform in a relaxed state while in some stressful circumstances.  You have seen speakers or entertainers handle circumstances beyond their control and have them handle these hiccups without a hitch in their presentations.  Whereas you have seen other individuals not handle it well and blame everything on everyone or everything else.

How to relax under difficult circumstances, is primary for self confident individuals.   Maxwell Maltz, the plastic surgeon and author has a whole list of ways to relax and he calls it Strategic Relaxation Techniques.  All of his books have an amazing array of strategies to help you become more self confident.

He (Dr. Maltz) fixed many of the external wounds of patients but also realized that many of them had  internal scars that needed fixing as much, if not more than the external scars.  In fact, Dr. Maltz felt that many patients needed internal fixing and not external fixing.  His books are well worth your time to read. They are easy to read and contain a mountain of down to earth understanding of self worth.

Next time I will go into some of the relaxation techniques.

“Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!”

If you got anything out of this material, please let me know.  I am always open to new ideas and thoughts as this is what makes life interesting.



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