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Goal setting is important but without goal getting then the latter really isn’t that important.

There are 3 factors that you need have a serious look at to be in contention for attaining your goals.

Dr Maxwell Martz, the author of Psycho-Cybernetics and a physician,  has identified three different factors that need to be examined so you can be on the accomplishment side rather than the frustrated side of your goals.

1) Insincerity   Most New Year’s Resolutions are on the half hearted side of the process and are more like wishes then they are actual goals.  It is like the goals that your “boss” might set for you and your co-workers as to certain sales done for a certain period of time.  I have a daughter that really did not want to go to college but because I asked her to at least try a year at school and see how she handled it.  I do not think her heart was into the process and so after a year,  she went after her true love and that was being a hair stylist.  Her heart wasn’t into academics.  She now lives in the outskirts of Las Vegas and loves what she is doing and where she lives.  The only time she goes downtown to the strip, is when we come in to go to a show.

Zig Zigar had a goal saying that suggested some are goals set by the family or society and these types of goals are rarely successful because they are usually undermined by a lack of integrity.

Zig Ziglar also said “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”  This one saying defines what has happened to many entrepreneurs when they are on their way to accomplishing their goals.

Sincerely and passionately work on your goals and it will add to your self image but it can most certainly have the opposite effect if you aren’t truly in the right frame of mind and your self image can suffer.

2) Incongruency  Trying to implement a goal that is incongruent with your self image is almost impossible.  It is like putting grass seed on the sidewalk and expecting it to grow and thrive.

If you really want to accomplish a goal, then it is necessary to re-engineer the self for congruency.

If a sponsor or even a mentor pushes you into doing something that is not in alignment with your self image, for example cold calling strangers, it won’t happen.  You just cannot do things successfully if things are done outside of your self image.

YOU MUST BE TO DO!!   In other words, in goal setting you must have the ability to re-engineer your self image.  This is a very good example of the person you become when and if you set a goal outside of your self image.

The issue of congruency goes beyond just goal setting.  You have to have an honest and realistic self appraisal which might just tell you that you are not suited for a certain undertaking.

You have to create goal and self image congruency and if you don’t, it will be an uphill battle most of the way.

Create to be goalsnot just to do or to get goals.

Write your goals down and you will realize that most of them are to get goals and to do goals but the true concentration needs to be on the to be goals.

What kind of person achieves these kind of goals that I want – how do I match up with this kind of person, with my built in weaknesses and strengths.  Out of this thought process can come the to be list.

3) Imprecision  Imprecise goals can be very dangerous.  Dan Kennedy suggests that Dr. Maltz’s Book: “Psycho-Cybernetics ”  and his other books, as well as his work, is a course in how to effectively communicate with one’s own mind.

Communication misfires have a tendency to be the reason for many injuries on the job as well as many unhappy relationship in the business community as well as in family community.

The trouble with basic communications can somewhat be contributed by the same words used in different contexts can have different meanings.  Even men and women can interpret words and communications in different ways.

Imprecise communications is a world wide problem and as an example – look at the interpretation of some of the passages in the Bible.  These interpretations can be attributed to wars throughout recorded history

Incomplete communications can cause many difficult times as it can between management and employees as well as even between husband and wife.

A good example of good communication might be with a baseball team that has a manager that is not good at communicating exactly what he expects from each team member as well as the team as a whole.  The team might have a number of stars that were not functioning as a team.  When another manager comes in to take over the team that has good communication skills, then this might be all the team needed to be champions.

Communication with your own mind is important as to clarity and great focus.  Blinding clarity as to what you want out of life is important.  This guiding system of communication between you and your mind is extremely important in the success you desire.

You also have to remember that any success is not going to be a straight line but a line filled with many ups and downs.  Whether you believe it or not, the real success is in the journey and not just the destination.

“Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!”


If you got anything out of this discussion, please let me know below in the comments.



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  1. Those are three big I’s you’ve got there, John! 😉

    For real…you cite some powerful examples from powerful trainers. Great job!

  2. John there’s a wealth if information in your post. Love the creating to be goals. I agree with Dr. Maltz… our society has a unsettling lack of self confidence. One does have to believe in themselves to succeed in anything.

    Great post full of value!

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