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9920472-art-work-of-business-hand-with-the-wordGoals There are a number of ideas and thoughts that might be considered in shaping your idea of success.  Perhaps you have a vision already of what you might consider success and all that goes along with it.    You might also take a bit of time and examine some of the ideas that we are putting forth for you to look at and decide whether or not they might be helpful to you.

1) A sense of direction – it is vital that you establish a sense of direction on knowing exactly where you want to go and where you are presently going.

It cannot be a vague cloudy objective but rather a specific, laser targeted goal.

As the objective becomes more clear, the course of direction becomes much tighter and success becomes more quickly attained.  The key to dramatically accelerating your personal achievement is to provide yourself a clear, persistent detailed sense of direction.

2) Mental Imagery  – is having the ability to communicate with your subconscious mind with the use of pictures not words.  This deals with having a theater in your mind and rehearsing with a mental picture.

Jack Nicklaus, one of pro golf’s greatest players, would always picture where he was going to hit his next shot – he mentally pictured himself hitting the ball exactly where it was supposed to go.  You could tell by the number of titles he won, that his process was successful.

Dr. Martz points out in his book, Psycho-Cybernetics that the prime reason for using these techniques is the reprogramming, the re-engineering and the strengthening of the self image.

3) Combining Affirmations and Mental Imagery there is considerable support for the use of affirmation throughout the sporting world as well as in behavioral psychology and in self development.

Dr. Shane Murphy, who used to be the chief psychologist for the US Olympic Team, in his book, The Achievement Zone, shows that he is a big supporter of positive self talk and has suggested that this is even effective in the treatment of depression.

Many sports psychologists suggest that the use of cue words, which abbreviates the thoughts you might use for affirmations, can be used in place of a whole series of re-programing words and can be just as effective.

It is suggested the the use of abbreviated cards (3×5 cards) that you can carry on yourself or display in prominent places such as the mirror in the bathroom or your desk.  This then can trigger your use of this technique.

Some psychologists suggest the use of subliminal programming even though they carried some skepticism.  Some do feel that it has some very good benefits if it is combined with mental imagery.

4) Avoiding Negative Language Dealing with Willpower – Dr. Murphy says that just the thought of failure makes people anxious and afraid.  When you attempt to tell yourself that to do something – you seem to remind yourself of failure.  The won’t and don’t programing always seems doomed to failure.

Dr. Maltz in his Pyscho-Cybernetics Book, feels that you need to become committed to replace will power with creative imagination and in turn, a relaxed performance.

5) Cancel Out Negative Programing– cancel out negative programing when ever it sticks it ugly head up.  The whole process of re-engineering the self image is not hard to understand but it will not occur easily or right away.

Old programing will take time to re-engineer and will have some resistance.  When this does occur, just note that it will take some time.  You can use your cue words to stop the process.

It doesn’t matter what word you use as long as it is used consistently and when necessary.

You can interrupt your negative program if you just realize what you are doing and begin using the word or phrase that you have decided to use.  It is best to say it out loud so you can hear it as it tends to be more effective.

You want as many reinforcements as you can get to help in your releasing the negative programing.  For example, if you feel you need to be more assertive in certain situations, you can use the theater in your mind to review the necessary actions you need to utilize the mental imagery to show the assertiveness you deem necessary.  You can also use your word or phrase that will help when you have found yourself beginning to bring back the old negative programing.

These are some ideas that will help you in your program for success.  I will continue some more ideas in a future post that can help you in your quest for a more rewarding program of success.

It is how you approach this process that can make a difference.  You can pooh-pooh it and continue on your own course or you can put yourself into a mindset of trying these ideas and be amazed at how they can truly help you – it all depends on you and your ability to let go of your past images of failure or success……

It is up to YOU!

Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!

If you got anything out of this post, please let me know.  If you disagree with some or all of the post, let me know also, so I can learn what your ideas and feelings are all about.


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3 Responses to Programming For Success……

  1. The building blocks of achievement and happiness. No such thing as too much of these. Thanks, John!

  2. Debra Jason says:

    Great pointers to keep in mind. Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t.

  3. Liz Delaney says:

    Thanks John. Positivity is key….even when one is floundering. You need to actively undertake mindset training in order to discard the negativity. This is an area people overlook at times but it is so important. Unlearning (or discarding) long-held beliefs and concepts is all part of this learning process.

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