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This is a continuation of what we started in the last blog that contains more information on how to program success into your daily routine as well as into your overall life activities.

Obviously success comes to different individuals in different ways but in reality much of it can be classified into certain areas that allow you the ability to pursue your own successes in somewhat the same areas of accomplishments.  But you might go about it differently but with the end results being somewhat the same.

1) Transforming your weaknesses that need to be fixed into strengths that just need to be improved  – by looking at it this way, we avoid negative language as well as negative images.

Instead of being self critical, look at things with a goal orientated improvement.  This is the type of positive re-enforcement that the Disney Corporation uses.  Instead of what the negative people look at, it will be a positive goal improvement.   Creatively making things better is many times what the Disney Corporation uses in a positive manner.

2) Use visual triggers  –  You can remind your subconscious of all kinds of visual triggers.  Dan Kennedy has pictures of eagles around because they remind him of basic peak performance ideas.  He feels their vision and how decisive they are when making a decision.  It has been equated that the eagles vision is about 10 times greater than the human eyes and there is no indecision when he is looking for prey.

Dan Kennedy also reminds us of a trick that he uses on himself. To remind himself of how valuable time really is, he has some fake dynamite  sticks tied to a clock in full vision sitting on his desk.

Dr. Maltz suggests using a grease pencil on the bathroom mirror that is in full vision when you are getting ready in the morning.  Even have a picture reminder on the mirror of your favorite role model and it is a constant reminder of what he or she has done for you and your successful ideas.

3) Put together a success environment to support your positive ideas and thoughts  – this can include visual aids, mental imagery and ones that you can view many times during the day.

The use of audio CDs and Mp3s that can reinforce your imagery can be most useful.  Listening to audios on a regular basis can give you that emotional lift that might be necessary.  Listening to these same audios while in your car, even going on short trips can be very helpful  – it is the habit that you can create that will help in listening to these audios.

Rubbing shoulders with successful people can be very helpful and they don’t necessarily have to be in the same business interest that you are in but can have that positive influence on you.

Removing yourself from a negative environment in your office setting can have a very positive influence in your attitude.  For example if someone in the cubicle next to you is always giving a negative  report about everything that is within their reach, just ask to be moved to another area.  You don’t have to listen to a continuous array of negative language.

4) Manage anger by training yourself – Bob Rotella, a sports psychologist, especially in the area of golf, suggests not letting anger upset your daily routine.  (obviously easier said than done) It is something that will take time to work on and formulate a way to eliminating the negative influence.  It can ruin so many things in your approach to success.

Self image re-engineering can help you speed up the process of not letting anger involve itself in your daily routine.  It can literally reduce the times and the intensity of any anger that seems to undermine your progress to success.

Dan Kennedy suggests that the term “Blind Rage” is a good one because unchecked anger blinds you to solutions and opportunities.  He also suggests ways to help in curbing your anger, such as:

a. accept negative results – we are far from perfect.  We can’t alter the past but we can control the presence.

b. stay calm – as the calm individual can visualize things that an angry person has problems seeing.  There can be some activities that can lessen the impact of anger, such as sitting down and writing down the things that are making you angry and then when done, throw away the paper on which it is written.  It is like writing a letter to the person you are very angry with, write it and then discard it as you have gotten out what you needed to get out.

c. quickly focus on the next thing at hand and not what has been bogging you down.  A good example used might be in golf. Concentrate on the good shots and let the others go by the wayside.  Use the image of the good shots to help visualize the good ones and it can be very helpful when you are confronted by the same situation in the future.

5) React in a positive manner to negative feedback  – to respond to disappointment with a positive reaction can allow you the impetus to construct something positive.  This is how many peak performers react to negative feedback.  Their consistent response to disappointment, frustration and possibly their own mistakes is to react in the most constructual way possible.

They learn from their experiences and they then move onto bigger and better things.

A realistic expectation as to getting from disappointment to a positive, constructive position will not be a straight line but rather a zig-zag line.  This is what peak performers realize and will understand this and make corrections along the way.

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Dr. Maxwell Maltz has shown us an amazing dissection of what problems are and an ability of recognizing these and then give you ideas, thoughts and exercises as to how to remedy these situations.  He was a plastic surgeon that realized that many of his patients looking for physical solutions to their “problems” needed a solution from the inside out rather than the other way around.

His books are full of excellent ideas and ways to solve problems that will help improve the psyche and the understanding of what makes us tick and why.

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3 Responses to Continuing To Program Your Success……..

  1. I love what you said about a success environment, John. Only thing I’d add is when you take the journey and COMMIT to it, you will be given opportunities to actually have those successful people in your environment…and not in books and audios. I’m talking real time access. Be ready!

  2. Liz Delaney says:

    Again, some wonderful advice here. Accepting the fact that your path to success will be a bit crooked is essential. We are all human. Errors along the way are meant to be learned from . Look for the positive in every bad, sad, troublesome dip along the way. Go to bed at night with the comfort that you have tried, you haven’t given up, you did your best and you will try again tomorrow. Removing yourself from negative people and surroundings takes time, but it is essential to you retaining a positive mindset.

  3. Debra Jason says:

    Good tips to keep in mind at all times. And good to have something to remind you to reel it in when you “lose it.” I remember one day getting pissed at something, cursing and fuming. I had to stop, take a deep breath, acknowledge it was okay to be mad, but realized that it wasn’t worth making myself nuts over it. After I did that, the problem got resolved.

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