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How can you strengthen your self image on a daily basis?  The use of ongoing training and conditioning is very important to athletes as well as other individuals utilizing muscle using activities.

This same training and conditioning can be used in the conditioning of the self image – which we can consider as the “mental muscle”.  Your self image really defines your possibilities.

Dan Kennedy has said that you cannot out perform your self image.  Your self image is always in motion and by adjusting the parameters in which it performs,  you can make a real positive input into your outlook on life.

The input can be either positive strengthening in nature or it can be negative as to restrict your self image.  Dan Kennedy and his colleagues in the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation put together a 10 point daily regiment using Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s thoughts and ideas from his experience in working with many different individual patients.

The regiment is used to strengthen your self image.  Is is not long or difficult but if used on a regular basis it can make a profound difference in your overall positive self image.  Regiment seems way too military in nature but it is far from this, as it is a pattern that can literally change your life!

Movies in your mind




1) The Use of Mental Movies  Go into the theater in your mind and watch appropriate movies.  Stimulate your powerful imagination.  Make sure your images are positive in nature so that you can find an amazing array of helpful stimulations.   Get into the habit of doing this everyday and try to set up a time to do it at the same time each day if at all possible.

2) Mental Rehearsal    A deliberate rehearsal of a skill that is important to you and that is in congruence with your sense of direction.

3) Review your Goals    Refocus on your vision for the future.  Don’t let distractions interfere with this process as it can reduce your effectiveness considerably.

4) Use Positive Self Talk   Use key words and psychological triggers to reinforce these self images.  Find ways to eliminate the negative self talk that can side track your positive images.

5) Make Goal Directed Actions   Your self image can tell the difference between productivity and activity.  (Boy – how many times have I been there with just activity and not productivity!). The more energy and effort that is linked to your goals, the more productive you will be. (logical isn’t it).  Ask yourself the question: “How is this activity allowing me to get closer to my goals?”

6) Make Corrective Actions as You Go Along  We all make mistakes and that is just being human, so it is not going to change. It is best to take corrective action as quickly as possible so you can stay on track and move on.  If you spend too much time trying not to make a mistake, then this process is truly going to hamper your progress.  If you are trying to learn everything there is to know about a certain subject before you act – this can also have a very negative effect upon the whole process, as the tendency is to not move on at all.

7) Assertive Communication   People who avoid confronting a situation and put it off will usually weaken their self image.  It is best to deal with the situation or a problem as you go along rather than continue to put it off “until later”.  Stand up for your position that you have taken and if you feel it is properly taken and have the necessary facts to back up your position – then go for it.

8) Relaxation  There is a real connection between peak performance and relaxation.  There are techniques that Dr. Maltz has developed to help you relax and still be very productive. He makes it a point that it is a technique that is clearly defined rather than a buffet that you can pick and choose.  To be able to perform in a relaxed state in stressful situations is the key to learning different relaxation techniques.  Dr. Maltz defines these techniques in his book: Psycho-Cybernetics and goes into excellent  detail as to how to perfect these techniques.

9) Recognition   Give yourself some good reinforcement for the many good things that you have done during the day. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to look and concentrate on the negative things that occurred during the day and place way too much emphasis on them.  Show off the victories rather than the battle scars.  Give your self image the boost rather than the scars.  Focus on the accomplishments, the progress and even the humor in the day rather than the negatives.

Look at things in a positive way each day and write them down so you can actually see them.

a) give gratitude to at least three things that happened during the day.

b) notice at least three people who did something nice for you today and send them a short thank you note.

c) list 3 productive things you did today and write them down in a success journal.


10) Organize Your Next Day Ahead of Time  Organize tomorrow’s activities tonight.  The self image always seems to be strengthened by a good sense of direction.

These activities can be accomplished more easily as each day progresses.  Don’t look at it as a regiment that is difficult but rather as one that can and will make you and your self image a more effective and relaxed individual in the long run.

If you do these for about 21 days, then they become almost automatic habits.  You can look at this as overwhelming and that you don’t have time or you can look at this as a very positive affirmation of your time to make your days that much more effective.  If a lumberjack takes time to sharpen his ax, he will be much more effective during his day.

“No BS Time Management” is an excellent book by Dan Kennedy that helps you to better understand the process of time management

“Believe in Yourself – The Shortest Route to Success!”

If you have gotten anything out of this post, please let me know by adding your comments below.  Many times one realizes that by researching these articles, we get as much, if not more out of the meat of the subject then we thought possible.  Keep reading and keep researching and before long, you will find that light at the end of the tunnel.  Enjoy the day!!!


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3 Responses to How To Strengthen Your Self Image…..

  1. The fundamentals never go out of style. Awesome, John!

  2. Liz Delaney says:

    Gee John. Great tips here. Thanks for sharing at a time I need them most. I need to get back on track as I have been away which has put me out of kilter. Getting back into business with planning for the next day is vital for me.
    I love schedules – they work for me. I recently completed a 90 day blitz where I enforced many of your suggestions. They do work, I can tell you.

  3. Debra Jason says:

    All worthy points to remember & implement. Staying positive, giving gratitude and nurturing one’s self leads to good mental health!

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