What Is It That Determines Our Position In Life?…….




Genuine success really doesn’t have anything to do with what is on the outside of our lives, whether we are wealthy or poor, successful or less successful (whatever that means), living in the right country or whatever you can come up with.  Experiencing life to its fullest is on the inside, not the outside

We continue to try to change our inside by changing our outside but that just doesn’t seem to work over the long run.  We might be happy for what we might have in material possessions but that type of happiness doesn’t really persist for very long unless there is that inside happiness.  With material possessions, you will continue to have to find something new to satisfy your hunger but if there is the inner self happiness, then this will persist forever.

We have all seen the positive wall hanging that exclaims:  “Attitude determines your altitude”.  This saying might be a little cliquish but when you examine it more closely, it really has a very positive meaning.

Those who are making the most of their lives, have that positive attitude that they are going to succeed no matter what!  They look at it with the attitude of I can rather than I can’t.

The Biblical Parable of the Talents is a good example of succeeding.  The master gave three servants different amounts of money according to what he thought their abilities were.  He told them to invest the money and left on a long trip.  When he returned, two of the servants had invested the money wisely and the third had buried the money and felt the master just didn’t think he could do it wisely. They all had the same apparent abilities but one didn’t feel he could do it.  This shows you that those with the undeniable faith that they could do it – succeeded.





So the POSITIVE ATTITUDE that you sincerely have can be the one determining factor that can carry you to the successes that you have defined and mapped out for yourself.

Is ATTITUDE something you are born with or can you attain it by some hard introspection?

It is suggested by some that ATTITUDE can be formed from a person’s past and present and is also measurable and changeable as well as influencing the person’s emotion and behavior.   So if you feel you need to work on your attitude, there is hope because you have the ability to change it.

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4 Responses to What Is It That Determines Our Position In Life?…….

  1. John, I think attitude is something one must learn and do believe it’s imperative to ones success whatever one decides that his to him or her. Great post!

  2. Debra Jason says:

    Listened to a meditation about this the other day. Deepak Chopra spoke about having a baseline of happiness. I paraphrase here – Being happy doesn’t mean that everything looks perfect and ideal EVERY minute of the day. It means life is unfolding without struggle. A ‘healthy norm’ is to live in contentment, rest in your own being, be open to new possibilities and greet them optimistically.

  3. Liz Delaney says:

    I feel our life experiences shape our attitude in a lot of ways. When we think back to what we have overcome or achieved, it is all down to some type of attitude that we have had and applied to the situation at hand. it is necessary to dig deep, though, if you want to change your attitude to one more positive. Thank goodness there are people who are available to help with this positive mindset training. It is working for me, but something I need to stick with on a daily basis.

  4. It’s a set of dominoes. You need the first one to tip the rest over. That’s your attitude! 🙂

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