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When I was younger, I worked for a real go getter in the construction trades.  It was during the summer months and I wanted to make some good money to help me in my educational endeavors.

This was a company that specialized in complete home remodels, one that gutted the house down to the original studs and rebuilding it to look brand new.

The boss was relatively young and was a real go getter and extremely ambitious.  He was paid very well for his ability to take these houses and from start to finish and would finish them in three weeks.  YES, that’s 3 weeks!

If any of you are familiar with the construction trades and specifically house rehabbing, you probably thought there is no way that can be done in three weeks.

That is usually about half the time it might take and usually longer in most cases, but this guy was ambitious and he felt that if he had twice as many workers on the job, he could pull it off.

The boss spent much of his time organizing dozens of skilled workers who were working on many houses at the same time.  He had to employ a lot of new guys from different construction companies and staffing agencies and really didn’t know their skill set or even their work ethic until they got to the work site.

Some of the guys worked out and other didn’t work out at all and it was a revolving door of carpenters, plumbers and electricians almost every day.  So you can see that much of the boss’s day was taken up hiring and firing workers and was slowing down his productivity

The boss tried to figure out what needed to be done to improve the time and efforts to get these houses done on a 3 week revolving time schedule.  He felt something needed to be done so he approached a carpenter that had done some shoddy work and asked him, “why didn’t you just do the job right?”

The carpenter says that he could have done it right had the miter saw not been broken and the band saw had the wrong blade and also the temperature in the house was cold because the heater was broken.  He had all kinds of excuses as to why he couldn’t do the job correctly and they were all based on the tools he was given in which to work with.

Our boss, being the kind of guy he was, took this information and he felt to correct the situation went out and bought about $15,000 worth of new tools for his crew and these were the best tools he could find, top of the line.

The boss felt that if the tools were slowing down his production, then he was going to take that part right out of the equation and give his crew the best equipment possible.

Well, what happen next, some guys did great work and the same guys did poor work even though they had the best tools you could buy.





The bottom line seems to be the universal truth in almost anything you do…...It is never the tools you have…….It’s what you do with the tools that counts!!!

Apply this to anything that you undertake and the amazing part is that it flat out works!!!!!


Believe In Yourself – The Shortest Route To Success!



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4 Responses to Is It The Tools?……

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve made the mistake many times using this as my excuse but have learned I can do anything I WANT to do no matter what kind of tools I have I my disposal. BOOM!

  2. Debra Jason says:

    Sometimes there are many “bright shiny objects” out there. It’s a good idea to stay focused, review what may work best for you and follow that path. If it’s not working, then shift, but don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at once. One step at a time.

  3. Very good! A tool you don’t know how to use, or don’t have the awareness of its value is just wasted energy and effort. Wow…that applies to a lot of things!

  4. Liz Delaney says:

    I enjoyed reading your post John. It reminded me of a saying my father was always quoting – “A Bad Workman Always Blames His Tools”. I grew up with that phrase and came to realise early on in life that if you do a job, you do it properly and do what it takes until it is done.

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