To Change – Look Within

To Change – Look Within



Jim Rohn does it again with his astute words in

this video.   You cannot change the things around

and you cannot change the way other people

do things but you can change the things

that you do – and this is where the beginning




This short video with Jim Rohn gives us

a view of what needs to be done to change

what we have been doing and realize the

major change has to come within.  This

doesn’t mean you have to be struck with

lightning before a change comes within us.

It just means that you have to look in the

mirror and make that important decision,

that if things are going to change in my life

as to where you stand, then you have to make

that decision to change what you have been




I don’t think there has ever been a time in

my life that I needed to change mainly out

of desperation.  I just didn’t want to do the

same things that I had been doing for so

many years – waking up and realizing that

it’s the same old, same old.  No money, no

job and no one to turn to except myself.



When I made that decision to change my life

and find that something that was going to help

me change, I realized it was a beginning.  A

beginning that I could and would stick to.



Finding a community that had been where I

had been and had turned their lives around

because they decided to make that change.

Many individuals in this community had no

money, had no job but did have a vision

of changing things and changing their own

lives. This is a community of helping each other to

succeed because they had a chance to change also.




Even the founders of this program (community),

one was a construction worker that worked all day(10)

hours and barely earned enough to pay the bills but

had nothing left over and the other one was living

in a van with his wife.  These two guys had a vision,

a vision that would take them out of poverty.  But

would it work and could they put it into action?




Meeting with 28 other people in a hotel room,

they formulated an idea and a plan to help get

them (all 30 of them) out of a money deficit.

Nearly 60,000 members later and paying out

over 16 million dollars with 100% commissions

seems like they have become successful after

only 11 months.



Seems like they have changed things around

and you could be part of this successful story.

The founders realized that most of us had no

idea on how to set up a website, so they did that

for us.  The realized that we didn’t know how to

use the internet to garner up other members or

how to do copy writing or how to make videos,

so they did that for us.



To be part of this successful, young company all

you have to do is check it out and then decide if

you are truly interested in getting out of your

rut and belonging to  one of the best internet

families on the internet.   Why do we do it?

We just want to get out of the rut and be

on our way to becoming that successful

entrepreneur that you knew was always inside.



You just have to take that first step, just take a

peek into one the the most successful programs

to be on the internet.   For $25 you can sign into

this program and be on your way to being one of

the very successful members of Empower Network.

Why?, you have to start somewhere and this is it!



To Change – Look Within

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