You Can Do It!






You Can Do It!



If this video doesn’t touch you, then I truly

do not know what you are made of or how you

manage your day to day emotions.



We all have our own way of expressing our

feelings and emotions and if you came to

tears of surprise and joy, then you really do

have a good side to you.



When we  feel sorry for ourselves and wonder

why we can’t do something because we don’t

have enough education or have too much education,

or we don’t have enough understanding of what’s

going on, or just any excuse we can come up with

to prevent us from trying something that would

give us the emotional feeling of accomplishment,

then you will probably continue your same path.



When we realize that we want to get out of

our present situation and do something to

really give us that emotional kick in the pants,

then realizing that all it takes is a desire and

true hankering to put yourself in a frame of

mind, that you can do it.



What you need is to find that place in yourself

that just won’t let you say no, and  gives you

that internal boost to move you out of your comfort

zone and puts you in a position to do things that

you never thought was possible.   Watching a

video like this one makes you realize that it

is that internal emotional clock that begins

clicking to a different beat because you have

decided to do something about it.



I had to find that place inside of me that

challenged my complacent thinking and

kept pushing me to realize that I can do it

and eventually without having those nagging

excuses that were easy to use in place of the

mental attitude that just says to me: Damn it

you can do it!



Just try to get into the habit of not letting

any excuses get in the way of a mental

picture of what you really want and how

you are going to accomplish it.



If you practice your thoughts and actions

for 21 straight days, then the experts tell

us that  it will become part of your routine.

This same  application can work with a plan

to get out of your rut and do something about it.

Having a vision of what you want to accomplish

and how you are going to go about it will push

you out of your comfort zone.  Soon you comfort

zone will change for the better and again you can

set some new goals that you can set your sights on.



Pretty soon you will be amazed at how things have

changed, not only attitude but amazing mental changes

that will continue to help you in your quest.



The young man in the video, Emmanuel shows us

that if you have a desire to do something, that

nothing will or can stand in your way.  If you

truly want something badly enough, you can

get there even with obstacles that you once

thought were in your way.


You Can Do It!  You really can if you put

heart and mind to it.


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