Your Own Acres of Diamonds

Your Own Acres of Diamonds




Acres of Diamonds  — the lecture or speech and eventually the book

by Reverend Russell Conwell tells of an Arab guide telling Conwell

about a man that wanted so badly to find diamonds that he sold his

property and set off in search of his diamonds and riches.  His futile

attempt ended in finding nothing,  but the new owner of this man’s

property had found a rich diamond mine right there in his back yard.



Conwell suggested that man look in his own back yard for genius,

service, successes or any other virtues involving any ordinary man.

This same thought can be applied to the ability to use the internet

and a home based business to find your virtue or fortune.



Many people are seeking their way to find something that

will allow them to come out from underneath their financial burden

and seek their fortunes or at least seek something that will help

them recover from a negative feeling or even a negative  bank account.



Where does one find something on the internet that allows them

to work from the comfort of their own home, to make a very

good living and enjoy the fruits of their labor?   On the right side

of the ledger in facebook, there are many advertisements that

have the answer to their problems.  But how do you know if it

is legitimant, how do know if it will work for you, or how do you

know it can help you get out of your present rut?



Finding the right company and the right fit for you can become

a hit and miss adventure.  You need to look at a few things that

can help put a company into the right perspective.

1) does it have a duplicatable system

2) does it have excellent support

3) does it have good relationships within the system

4) does it give you the ability to grow with the company

5) does it have good leadership at the top as well as

throughout the system



If one can answer yes to these questions, then I  would

feel that the company is the right pick for you.   Where might

you find such a company that will allow you to find the right

niche and allow you to grow right along with the company



There is an engineer that was working just part time for

this company because he had a full time job for his day job.

He was looking for a part time job to make some extra

money because he had some young children at home to take

care of.



Fortunately he found this company that allowed him

to work during his time off from his regular job.  Now would

you believe that he now makes about 5 times the amount he did

with his engineering job.  He is the first to admit that he isn’t any

smarter than anyone else, he just decided to get involved with this

company and work with the system.



This isn’t a Cinderella Story by itself as there are many other

individuals who have done nearly as well with this relatively

new company.   They started with 30 people about 12 months

ago and now have close to 50,000 members.  They have paid out

over $16,000,000.00 to these members because they give 100%

commissions.    Just look over to the right or the top of the page

and see what they might be able to do to start you on the road to

your own diamond mine.



Your Own Acres of Diamonds  if your looking in the right place.


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