Burning Desire and Teachable

Burning Desire and Teachable




Probably very few people remember the name Eugene B.

Fluckey.   He was known as Lucky Fluckey and probably one

of the most decorated naval veterans, including the Medal of

Honor.    As the commander of the U.S.S. Barb, he and his crew

sank 29 vessels and even an aircraft carrier while withstanding

an estimated 400 number of bomb, shells and depth charges,

during World War II.



Through all of these battles, not one of his crew was ever in

line for the purple heart.    It was said that he “gave you a job

and expected you to do it, and never micromanaged.”  He was

admired by his crew and kept a stash of beer on board the ship,

serving up a cold one whenever a enemy ship was sunk.   Apparently

the beer didn’t last very long because they sank too many ships.



Admiral Fluckey  passed away at the age of 93 but before he passed

he gave us a few thoughts to ponder.   He said:

1) Serve your country well.

2) Put more into life than you expect to get out of it.

3) Drive yourself and lead others.

4) Make others feel good about themselves as they will outperform

your expectations and you will never lack for friends.

5) Our philosophy was “We don’t have problems – just solutions.”



Boy, wouldn’t this be a perfect way to work with a program

that you could work from home and work it with this whole

philosophy that Admiral Fluckey suggested and worked it

himself.  There is absolutely no way that you could work

this type of plan and not succeed.   This type of philosophy

would work beautifully in your own life, not just as a home

business idea.



I have a friend that was given his walking papers from

home when he was only 15 years old.  He was fortunate

enough to go live with a near by teacher.  But throughout

his life, that had become successful as a physician, he had a

difficult time trusting other people.   He carried this trusting

issue as well as  resentments for much of his adult life.  He

was successful financially but still had many issues dealing

with trust and resentments.



After many hours of taking programs after programs to

work through these issues, he finally was able to live

within his own skin and enjoy life to as full as he

possibly can.  His demeanor, as well as his enjoyment

of other people, has dramatically changed his life as

well as those around him.



This story just illustrates that if you want something

badly enough, there is no logical reason why you

can’t put effort towards change.   If you have a burning

desire, a willingness to work and can follow a system,

there is very little reason why you can’t succeed in a home

based business that gives you a system to follow and

essentially shows you how to run the whole program.



How you do would be up to you and your willingness

to pay attention and follow the steps set down for you.

There are many members in this program that have

done an amazing job right out of the gate and have become

very successful just by following the steps.



In this financial environment, that doesn’t look like it

is going to recover quickly, this might be just the reason

to look at a program that can give you the start and show

you how to be successful.   Having to bother your friends or

family is not part of their reasoning, cold calling is not part

of it either, a computer whiz you don’t have to be, but willing

to be teachable, this is were it is at.


Burning Desire and Teachable – If your willing the

teacher will appear.

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