Daddy’s Home – part time or full time?





Daddy’s Home – Part time or full time?



This is a short video showing how the

kids react when daddy comes home from

his job.  Why not have this be the case everyday

and have daddy at home all the time.



This is one of many positive reasons

for having a home based business that

allows mommies and daddies to stay

at home and enjoy their kids and

being with them as they grow up.



Dave Wood mentions many times

in his videos that he works about

two hours in the mid day and has

the rest of the time to do things

that he thoroughly enjoys.  Is this

right for you or would you rather

spend the time in the car getting

to work and then the time coming

home after work.  You can listen

to music or be listening to self help

recordings that can help you in

your quest to find that special

job that will give you the financial

independence as well as your




This is truly what an internet marketing

home business can do for you, if that

is what you want.  Good hours, good pay,

independence, get up when you want,

take vacations when you want and if

you want.   Sound too good, sounds

like your dreaming, well just ask

those newbies with Empower Network

just how that is working out for them.



Close to 50,000 members that has grown

from just 30 back on Halloween in 2011.

Has paid out over $16,000,000.00

because they pay 100% commissions to

all their members.   Too good to be true?

Just ask the members and they will

all tell you:  “Why didn’t I get into this

earlier?”  Why didn’t I listen to that

person telling about this fantastic

program that does allow you to become

independent, free, and joining a network

of remarkably enthusiast entrepreneurs.



Get out of your rut and become that individual

that you always wanted to but just didn’t think

you had it in you.  This is what others in this

group thought just a few months ago until

they began to realize that “I can do this, if

this guy can do it, so can I”.   This was a real

eye opener for me and I realized that I can

just follow those that have become successful

because their system is easy to follow.  If you

are teachable and willing to learn a few simple

steps and have a burning desire to become

that successful person, then this is it.



You can do it!   Just reach beyond the




Daddy’s Home –  Part time or full time?  It is your decision.


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